Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

PUBLISHER: Vostok Games | DEVELOPER: Vostok | GENRE: Shooter
THEME: Sci-Fi | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Open Beta

Survarium is a free MMOFPS born out of the ashes of the canceled STALKER 2. Vostok Games was created by ex-members of GSC Game World and set out to create a F2P shooter that includes many of the features and qualities of the STALKER series.

Survarium is set during the aftermath of an ecological catastrophe of mysterious origins, leaving many anomalies, strange plants and maddened animals to claim the Earth, or what is left of it. The player will have to fight and survive in this sci-fi world. Survarium includes elements of survival and role-play but is a shooter at heart, one that includes several game modes, from PvP to PvE and Co-op (plot missions that serve as a single story).

Players will be able to develop their hero’s skills, as well as earning experience and rewards. Skills can range from shooting to physical (carrying more equipment), medical, technical (expertise in traps and devices) and survival (woodcraft and ability to deal with artifacts and anomalies). The more your character is developed and skilled and the more roles he will have to choose from and the better will be at performing them. Some of the roles included in Survarium are scout, marksman, punisher or goon.

Survarium has a lot more features worth mentioning, such as the black market or the scavengers camp. This is a game that will make a lot of players remember just what made the STALKER series a cult hit.

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

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