Castle Clash Free Gift Pack Giveaway (Worth $200)

Castle Clash Free Gift Pack is teaming up with IGG to offer a free gift pack worth $200 for the addictive strategy RPG Castle Clash (NEW PLAYERS ONLY!). To get your free gift pack you just have to grab a key below. Follow FreeMMOStation on Facebook to know about the latest offers such as this Castle Clash Free Gift Pack Giveaway.


Packed with exciting combat and fast-paced strategy, Castle Clash is a game of epic proportions! Command mighty Heroes and summon powerful spells in your conquest. Build a magnificent empire and go down in history as the world's greatest warlord! Download Castle Clash and play on the global server now.

1. Never miss a giveaway again! Follow our updates via Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, it's all completely free!
2. Go to the app store to download the game:
3. Enter your IGG ID and code in this redemption page.

You can also log in to Castle Clash to redeem your gift:

1. Go to Settings by tapping the gear icon on the bottom left corner of the main interface
2. Go to the Account tab to see a gift box icon
3. Tap the gift box icon and enter the code to redeem your gift
4. Find your IGG ID: Go to Settings by tapping the gear icon on the bottom left corner of the main interface. Go to the Account tab to view your IGG ID

– Giveaway ends on April 20th, 2023
– This giveaway code is only available to the players of Castle Clash who registered from Mar 15, 2023 – Apr 20, 2023.
– Players need to redeem their gift within 24 hours after registration. Each account may only redeem the gift once.
– Only one key can be used per user/IGG ID
– Available regions: Global
– won’t be held responsible if a winner doesn’t get his key due to lack of contact e-mail or not getting in touch with us when requested.

  • Resource Select Box I *20
  • Breakthrough Select Box I *10
  • Castle Chest V *50
  • Event Coin *5
  • Magic Powder *50
  • Jar of Gems *50
  • Prime Hero Card V *2
  • Hero Card (Official Events) *2
  • Hero Skin Scraps Box V *100
  • Honor Badge Pack III *1000
  • EXP Pack III *2000
  • Mastery Essence I*1000
  • Legendary Hero Vestige * 300
  • Work Hammer V*200
  • Prime Insignia Chest III*2
  • Insignia Enhance Rock III*5
  • Gear Scroll (Gold)*10
  • Elite Accessory Gear Chest I * 10
  • Hero Coin* 20

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