Fractured Free Fall Alpha Giveaway

Fractured Free Fall Alpha Giveaway is teaming up with Dynamight Studios to offer 100 Fall Alpha Test keys (only usable in this test) for the open-world sandbox MMORPG Fractured! Claim your key from our Fractured free giveaway before they are all gone!

To win one of the keys you just have to enter your email aind claim it from the widget below! The giveaway ends when all the keys are gone. Follow FreeMMOStation on Facebook to know about the latest giveaways!


Fractured is the first open-world sandbox MMORPG mixing action combat with fully interactable environments, appealing equally to lovers of competitive and cooperative gameplay. Jump right into the fray from day one. Defeat your enemies through your own skill and cleverness, not equipment or level. Gather resources, craft, trade and venture into legendary travels as a solitary hero, or start a settlement with your guild and grow it into the next empire.

1. Never miss a giveaway again! Follow our updates via Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and sign up for our daily newsletter, it's all completely free!
2. Leave a comment politely asking for a key, with an email.
3. Register an account in the Fractured official site.
4. Redeem the key in the account management page.

1. These keys only give access to the Fall Alpha, which is scheduled to run until early December 2020.
2. Keys expire after the test is over.
3. Results may take a few days to be announced after the end of the giveaway. Winners will get their keys on the e-mail provided when they enter the giveaway, or some other obvious e-mail.
4. won’t be held responsible if a winner doesn’t get his key due to lack of contact e-mail or not getting in touch with us when requested.

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