Perfect World International: Northern Realms Free Gift Pack Giveaway (Ended)

Perfect World International Free Gift Pack is teaming up with Perfect World Entertainment to give our readers one free gift pack for Perfect World International, in celebration of the Northern Realms – Celestials update release.

To win one of the 15 keys you just have to ask us in the comments for a key in a creative way! Don't forget to leave an email where we should send the key (no spam from us, we promise), otherwise you won't be chosen! The giveaway ends on January 1, 2021. Follow FreeMMOStation on Facebook to know about the latest giveaways!


Perfect World International: Northern Realms – Celestials Update brings a slew of exciting, new content to the epic free-to-play online game! The latest major update revolves around four key updates, which all include daily rewards.

Celestial Infant

The Stargazer in Archosaur City was observing the cosmos and noticed six rainbow colored meteors falling from the sky. No one believed what he saw, so he set out to find proof. Through his efforts, he located the energies of the six Divine Children! The Stargazer will offer players a quest to adopt a Celestial Infant and help them grow. They can be awakened as different classes and as they level, they will grant you attribute bonuses! In battle, players can call upon their celestial and fight as them! This powerful incarnation only lasts for a short time before it must recharge. Once an infant has finished awakening, you can adopt and help another of the six celestials.

The Whispering Mausoleum

Players who visit the Gate of Cycles in the Western Continent and talk to the Soulless Wanderer will be able to enter this new instance. But be warned, the mausoleum is always changing! With each adventure inside, the mausoleum will challenge players with an array of randomness: different maps, scenes, monsters, bosses and other elements! The Soulless Wanderer can help players craft the Whispering Mirrors needed for entry into this dangerous and ever shifting mausoleum.

Chrono Hunt PvP Mode

Help protect time and space across many parallel dimensions in this new PvP mode! Venture forth and fight to bring back Chrono Flux and Chrono Grit. Your realm's Chrono Researcher will take these volatile substances and reward you handsomely. Players will be teamed up in squads of 3 for this Chrono Hunt Battle Royale!

Codex System for Fashions, Flyers, Mounts, Pets

The brand new codex feature will help with inventory space – Players can use the new “Collect” feature in their bags to remove items from their inventory and add them to their collection! Mounts, Flyers, Pets and Fashions will each have their own separate collection progress with rewards for reaching certain milestones.

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1. All codes expire January 31, 2021.
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One code includes the following:

  • Carol the Weasel Mount
  • Stalker Hunter Utuz Ticket
  • Dreamchaser Pack Ticket

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