Uncharted Waters Online Chapter 2: Astronomy Free Gift Pack Giveaway

Dragon Raja X Evangelion collaboration event

FreeMMOStation.com is teaming up with OGPlanet to give our readers a free key to get a gift pack for the free-to-play MMORPG Uncharted Waters Online, to celebrate the launch of the Gran Atlas Chapter 2: Astronomy expansion. Get your key now while supplies last! Follow FreeMMOStation on Facebook to know about the latest giveaways!

Dragon Raja X Evangelion collaboration event


Uncharted Waters Online is a MMORPG set within several timelines during the Age of Exploration as a romantic and historic fictional account of the era. Players will live and play real world of 15th century to make their own history. Players may choose from among 6 nationalities: England, Dutch Republic, Ancien Régime in France, Spanish Empire, Kingdom of Portugal, and Republic of Venice. As well the player may choose from several occupations after choosing a basic class: adventurer, merchant, and soldier. Players are able to trade, explore, battle and join in live events such as “Great Sea Fights”.

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2. Get you key and copy it to a safe place (a backup can be found in your Forum inbox).
3. Register an account here.
4. Download the OGP Launcher here.
5. Install the Launcher and start it, then download and install Uncharted Waters Online. Log into your account, start the game and create a character. A Character MUST be created first, else the items will be lost.
6. Once you have a character under the account, you may go to the key redemption page here, log in the OGP Account and paste in the redeem code.
7. After 10 minutes, you can pick up the rewards from Captain’s Chest under the Sailor’s Bottle menu.
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1. Expiration date: 31/12/2015.

• Sea King’s Talisman – Increase experience gained by 30% for 7 days. Level up faster and get in better ships sooner!
• Check (10 million) – Can be cashed at bank for 10 million Ducats (in game currency). Use the money to buy a house, a new ship, and invest to gain court ranks… jumpstart your game experience! Select check Handling at bank and change amount on hand to 0 to cash.

Dragon Raja X Evangelion collaboration event


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