Elyon – Ascent Infinite Realm Release Date | Korea, North America, Europe, SEA

Ascent Infinite Realm Release Date

We have been expecting the next game from the makers of TERA for quite some time. It's been so long that developer Bluehole even went through a name change in the meantime, with its new moniker Krafton oddly in tune with the steampunk setting of Elyon – Ascent Infinite Realm. The upcoming MMORPG from the Korean devs comes with substantial weight on its shoulders, since it was revealed as Project W in 2016. But what do we know so far of the Elyon Ascent Infinite Realm release date?

What is the Elyon Ascent Infinite Realm Release Date?

Ascent Infinite Realm Release Date

So far, we know that Ascent Infinite Realm is pinned for release in the following territories: Korea, North America, Europe, and SEA. Kakao Games is the publisher for the first three regions, with PlayPark being responsible for the SEA release. The Elyon Ascent Infinite Realm release date in Korea is December 10, 2020.

As it is often the case, the Ascent Infinite Realm western release date is most likely the last one to be revealed. Krafton will manage the launch in Korea and SEA before taking care of the English release, a process that is common with MMO games.

Here is what we know of the Ascent Infinite Realm release schedule for now:

  • Korea: December 13, 2017 first closed beta | release date: December 10, 2020
  • SEA: April 25, 2019 closed beta | Q1 2020 open beta
  • North America and Europe: Late 2021

The latest news point to an A:IR release date slated for 2020 in SEA territories. The idea is allegedly to get the open beta up and running during Q1 2020, and the same news mentioned a focus group test in Korea that revealed a much more enjoyable game than before. In case you don't remember, the Ascent Infinite Realm initial impressions were far from positive, even including official trailers that stuttered all the way.

We'll keep following the Ascent Infinite Realm Europe and North America release dates, as these are the ones that interest us the most, and updating this guide in the process.

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