Bless Mobile Redeem Codes List | Free Coupon Code Guide

Bless Mobile Redeem Codes

Bless is the gift that keeps on giving, but so far it isn't remembered for very good reasons. The Bless Online fiasco is hard to forget, but hopefully lessons were learned and the new Bless Unleashed MMORPG will fix all those mishaps and then some. In the meantime, fans of the series – if there's such a thing – are treated to a new game in the franchise, courtesy of prolific publisher Joycity. Bless Mobile can be compared to fantasy MMOs such as Black Desert Mobile and A3: Still Alive, going for a top-down isometric approach that delivers great visuals and fast-paced gameplay. As it usually happens, during the beginning hours you can safely resort to auto-combat and auto-questing, but you must take full control if you want to succeed in the endgame. It's important to use some Bless Mobile redeem codes along the way, as these could give you some valuable gear or in-game currency.

Bless Mobile Redeem Codes List

Bless Mobile Redeem Codes List

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Bless Mobile includes a redeem code system, which means that it is prepared for the public release of coupon codes. While some studios offer codes right off the bat, others take longer to hand out rewards to players this way, sometimes preferring to deliver them straight to the game's mailbox. We'll keep track of every code that is released via official social media and gather it here.

  • (no codes yet, coming soon)

If you discover a working Bless Mobile code, let us know in the comments and we'll gladly add it to this guide.

How to Claim Bless Mobile Coupon Codes

Bless Mobile Redeem Codes Guide

Any Bless Online reward can be claimed via the game's built-in system. All that you have to do is go to a certain menu and enter the code. You can find the detailed instructions below.

  • Tap the Menu button on the top left corner (the four squares icon)
  • To the right of the new window, tap Settings (below the camera and battery icons)
  • Tap Redeem Code in the window that popped up
  • Input your coupon code and tap OK to claim your rewards
  • Get your rewards from the in-game mail

We hope that this Bless Mobile codes guide helped you out. If you haven't tried the game yet but want to give it a shot – after all, it's free and it looks really good, despite being your generic fantasy MMORPG -, you can download it from the Play Store and App Store.

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