Blue Protocol Endgame Content | Gameplay Details from Closed Beta

Blue Protocol endgame

With the end of the Blue Protocol closed beta on April 27, Japanese gamers were able to see what this highly anticipated anime MMORPG brings to the world. There were some clear improvements to the game, with a fleshed out story for the main character and the supporting NPCs, and the character creation saw the introduction of additional items such as new hairstyles, makeup, and facial customization. But it was the Blue Protocol endgame content that deserved our attention, paving the way for what the final game is going to offer.

Blue Protocol Endgame Content Details

Blue Protocol Endgame Content

To test the Blue Protocol endgame gameplay, Bandai Namco fast-forwarded the story and equipped the player characters with high rank gear. While this is by no means representative of everything that this anime MMO will showcase for its endgame, these activities are likely to be included in the final build.

Three different game experiences were shown during the Blue Protocol endgame gameplay: Raids, Arenas, and Time Attack. Let's check each one individually.


Raid missions pretty much speak for themselves. You and a group of friends, up to a maximum of 20 players, take on these raids where you aim to take down some truly strong bosses. Normal rewards will be distributed to every player that participated, even the weaker ones, but the best rewards will be given to the most active players. Raid missions are always great to get that extra item to strengthen your favorite weapon.


This arena mode isn't the one regarding PvP, being focused on PvE content instead. You can think of it as some sort of horde mode where up to six players have to battle successive waves of enemies of increasing difficulty. Obviously, you have to carefully plan your approach with your teammates and the better you know what's coming, the better prepared you'll be to fight them off.

Time Attack

The Time Attack mode is a challenge where you have to make your way through dungeons with a different placement of objects and foes, until you reach the final boss and beat it. The goal is to make your best time and earn rewards for beating the record time, with the results being displayed on the official Blue Protocol site. Approaching the dungeon in different ways and seeing how you can shave that second by saving your stamina for a better use of the dash feature is what makes this mode interesting and challenging.

This is just a small showcase of the kind of activities that the Blue Protocol endgame is going to offer, so let's hope that Bandai Namco has a lot more in store for us.

Blue Protocol is a PC exclusive, an anime MMORPG that is making a lot of waves around the world, although it is going to release in Japan first. It will be free-to-play and a global release is already confirmed.

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