Blue Protocol Free To Play | Can you download the anime MMORPG for free?

Blue Protocol free to play

The hype surrounding Blue Protocol is reaching unforeseen heights. As the Japanese studio Bandai Namco ramps up communication and the closed beta approaches, players around the world are keeping a close eye on this highly anticipated anime MMORPG. Despite the fact that it has only been announced for Japan so far, many are hoping for an English release to be announced later this year. But “is Blue Protocol free to play” is another pressing question that everyone wanted to get an answer for since this game was announced back in July 2019.

Is Blue Protocol free to play | Is the Blue Protocol download free?

Blue Protocol free to play

Considering that all of Bandai Namco's communication regarding Blue Protocol is in Japanese, it's not easy to grasp everything that is said about the game. Nonetheless, we weren't expecting the Japanese company to say something about the business model so soon – with only one alpha test down and at least one closed beta and one open beta tests to go, it was understandable if they decided to keep their cards close to their chests.

However, the Blue Protocol business model is already publicly disclosed, something that happened during a recent livestream. The devs replied to a question about the “pay scheme” or monetization as we know it with the following statement:

“Free To Play with a season pass and limited items (possibly limited time cosmetics).”

So there you have it, Blue Protocol is a gorgeous triple-A anime MMORPG that is going to be released as a free to play game. For the prophets of disgrace who have been claiming for years that F2P is dead and buried, this is further proof that it only takes a committed team with a vision to once again excite millions of players around the world.

This valuable info comes courtesy of Blue Protocol DB, which translated other questions from the second Blue Protocol livestream. Let's see some of the most relevant questions asked by players looking forward to the game.

Blue Protocol free to play

During the Blue Protocol closed beta, you can have two character slots, although the definitive number for the official release is yet to be determined. Unexpectedly, the devs said that player versus player hasn't been planned yet, which reinforces the idea that this is first and foremost a game with a cooperative focus. Player trading is under consideration but nothing has been decided yet.

As for additional classes (four Blue Protocol classes have been revealed so far), Bandai Namco is working on it. However, these aren't confirmed for the official launch and could only release further down the road. Outfits aren't bound to a unique class, so you can wear whatever costume you feel like.

There is support for console controllers, although currently only the Xbox controller supports key mapping. However, PC controllers can be used and remapped as well. 4K support isn't available at this time, and apparently there are no plans for it as it wouldn't greatly enhance the look of the game.

As for guilds, the option won't be available during closed beta, but the official release is going to include them. The devs don't want to force players to join guilds. Finally, life activities including fishing, housing, and casinos are in the plans, but progress on these is very slow as they want to thread carefully.

While a Blue Protocol English release hasn't been officially announced, a job offer hints at Bandai Namco's plans to “impress the world” with this game. They are mighty well capable of doing it.

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