Blue Protocol PS4 Version | Is Blue Protocol Coming to PlayStation 4?

Blue Protocol PS4 Version

Bandai Namco recently wrapped the first Blue Protocol Japanese closed beta. This testing phase served to show the improvements added to this anime MMORPG since the first alpha, making the most of the feedback provided by a few thousand lucky players. Announced for PC in 2019, this game charmed the world with its enticing graphics and the promise of a vast world ripe for exploration. Naturally, there were many requests from players all over the world to bring this game to their favorite platform, one of them being the PlayStation 4, but is a Blue Protocol PS4 version coming?

Blue Protocol PS4 Version | Is Bandai Namco's MMORPG Coming to PlayStation 4?

Blue Protocol PS4 Version

Bandai Namco hasn't exactly kept many secrets about Blue Protocol. Early on it has revealed that a global release is planned, and the business model is also publicly known as well – Blue Protocol is free-to-play, with monetization coming from the cosmetic items available from the in-game cash shop.

But not much has been said about the alleged PC exclusivity. As of early 2020, there have been no news pointing to Blue Protocol being in development for the PS4, a console that is used to high-profile MMORPG releases such as Black Desert Online, Final Fantasy 14, The Elder Scrolls Online, and the upcoming DokeV and Crimson Desert. But no, there is no Blue Protocol PS4 version in development for now.

That isn't to say that Blue Protocol is in development for Xbox One or Nintendo Switch as well. Once again, Bandai Namco hasn't discussed these options at all, so we're inclined to the idea that the Japanese studio is going to see how Blue Protocol performs on PC before committing to a console release. If an announcement on a Blue Protocol console release is made, we'll be sure to let you know.

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