Blue Protocol Steam Release Date | Is Blue Protocol Coming to Steam?

Blue Protocol Steam Release Date

Blue Protocol clearly stands as one of the most anticipated MMORPGs of coming years. This is the kind of triple-A game that shows an incredible ambition from its development team at Bandai Namco. Communication is going great as well, with very early confirmation of a global release and a free-to-play business model, announcements that most publishers usually save until the last few months of development. Blue Protocol is releasing in Japan first and only after it is going to make its way into the rest of the world, North America and Europe included. However, many players are already asking about a Blue Protocol Steam release date, so what do we know about it?

Is Blue Protocol Coming to Steam?

Blue Protocol Steam Release Date

Sadly, there is yet no confirmation from the part of Bandai Namco about a Blue Protocol Steam launch. With the anime MMORPG still under active development following a closed beta test in Japan, this is the kind of info that is yet to be revealed to the public. In other worlds, it's too early to have a concrete idea about this possibility.

So, until we can get the official word from Bandai Namco, there's no way that we can know anything for sure. However, we can speculate, and that's what we are going to do right now.

Unlike other developers who stick to their own launchers, Bandai Namco is a regular client of Valve's digital storefront. A quick search on Steam reveals games such as Code Vein, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Dark Souls, One Piece, Naruto, and several others. This is great indication that the Japanese studio has no issues with releasing their games on Steam, paving the way for a larger player base.

So, while it's too early to confirm a Blue Protocol Steam release date, the odds are very good. While the studio doesn't have a great track record for MMORPGs on Steam, Blue Protocol could be the one to turn the tide. As soon as we have an official update from Bandai Namco, we'll update this guide.

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