Crucible Characters List | Guide of Hunter Classes in Amazon’s Shooter

Crucible Characters List

Crucible is the first big title coming from Amazon Game Studios, with New World following some time later this year. The intent isn't to break new ground, with the focus instead on delivering a familiar experience that is fun for new and veteran players alike. Described as a team-based action shooter, Crucible has its roots firmly set in the battle royale genre, featuring elements that can be seen in games such as Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Overwatch. One of its strengths is the diverse cast, with 10 hunters available when the game releases on May 20, 2020. Read the Crucible characters list below to know the names of this weird crew.

Crucible Characters List | Hunter Classes Guide

Crucible Characters List

The Crucible cast features characters that come from very distinct origins. Amazon and its subsidiary Relentless Studios did a good job with the character design, enabling players to choose the avatar that is most suited for their playstyle.

One of the things that you'll instantly notice is the different size of the characters. You get small but fierce animals like Tosca, who looks like it was inspired by Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy, but also huge beasts such as Earl, the galactic trucker that brings a massive gun into battle.

Summer is a fighter lady with a love for flamethrowers, Bugg is a yellow robot botanist who loves protecting his plants. With her blue skin, Ajonah looks like she came straight out of James Cameron's Avatar, but she brings an harpoon with her. Mendoza is your typical marine with his reliable assault rifle, and Drakahl comes with a scythe-like weapon and a game-changing chain.

Will you choose a big tank character like Earl, or do you prefer to go with a small hit box like Tosca or Bugg?

Here is the Crucible characters list at launch, 10 hunters for you to know and love:

  • Mendoza
  • Summer
  • Earl
  • Tosca
  • Bugg
  • Ajonah
  • Drakahl
  • Shakirri
  • Rahi
  • Sazan
Crucible Characters List Mendoza
Crucible Characters List Summer
Crucible Characters List Earl
Crucible Characters List Tosca
Crucible Characters List Bugg

Crucible Hunter Loadout and Preview

As a Hunter levels up, he increases its loadout options. You can choose your starting loadout according to different levels, taking an element of surprise to the battlefield. Check the Hunter previews below to consider your options.

Click images to enlarge

Crucible Hunter List Ajonah loadoutCrucible Hunter List Ajonah loadout

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