Date A Live: Spirit Pledge Reroll Guide | How to Summon the Best Units

Date A Live: Spirit Pledge Reroll Guide

Date A Live: Spirit Pledge is an Android and iOS game that mixes tons of genres to create a unique title. Based on the popular anime and light novel series, it takes players into a dating sim that is interspersed with battle stages. There are many girls – or spirits as they are called in the game – for you to unlock and form a bond with, discovering new outfits and new powers. A gacha system is one of the ways that you can use to summon more spirits, creating a collection of heroes from different tiers, including the much coveted SSS tier. Follow this Date A Live: Spirit Pledge reroll guide to learn how long rerolling for the best units is going to take you.

Date A Live: Spirit Pledge Reroll Guide

Date A Live: Spirit Pledge Reroll Guide

There's one golden rule when it comes to rerolling for the best tier characters – have a few throwaway emails at your disposal, so that you can use them if your first account didn't give you any decent heroes. This also applies for the Date A Live: Spirit Pledge reroll, and you can also try to login with your Facebook account if you so wish. There's no guest option in this game, so you have to use either a Google email or a Facebook login.

Hopefully you took advantage of the pre-registration rewards, which should make your first summon easier. Otherwise, you have to play the game for a while, completing story missions, daily logins, and such until you collect 10 fate badges, the in-game currency that is used for summons.

Here is when the first Date A Live: Spirit Pledge summon happens. You have to complete the tutorial and battle mission 1-3, and then you'll be taken to the summon page. You can skip the tutorial right after beating mission 1-1 if you wait for a few seconds until the “Skip” option shows up on the main menu.

Your first summon is pretty much automatic and should get you Origami Tobiichi, the antagonist from the tutorial. Keep playing for another 30 minutes or so until the game finally gives you full control and the tutorial ends. In the main screen there's the Summon option, which you can use right after collecting your pre-registration Pioneer package from the in-game email. This gives you enough fate badges for a 10x summon. Otherwise, you must progress in the story and complete achievements to earn more fate badges.

Go for the Rookie Summon banner because it offers Droprate UP, so there's a good chance that you get a good spirit without the need to reroll.

Date A Live: Spirit Pledge Reroll Guide

If you're not satisfied, it's time for a reroll. On Android, go to the main screen and tap on your avatar in the upper left corner. Now, the logout option is hidden, so you have to scroll down to find it, right below Level and Individual Slogan, as shown on the image above. Tap the arrow to logout from your current account and login with an alternate account. You are now ready to go for another reroll.

This is all from our Date A Live: Spirit Pledge reroll guide. We hope that it helped you get the Date A Live: Spirit Pledge best tier units that you were looking for.


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