DC Worlds Collide Codes List | How to Claim Redemption Codes

DC Worlds Collide Codes

The DC Universe is on a verge of a meltdown in DC Worlds Collide, the new game featuring dozens of popular superheroes and supervillains. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Joker, Harley Quinn and many more will be available to join you, for a total of over 75 characters faithfully recreated in sharp and colorful 3D. This is the kind of idle RPG where you must assemble a strong and diverse team and get into battles against other lineups. Just like many other mobile games featuring a gift code system, there are DC Worlds Collide redemption codes just waiting for you to claim them. Keep reading and you'll find our DC Worlds Collide codes list below, updated with the most regularity that we can.

DC Worlds Collide Codes List

DC Worlds Collide Codes List

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Each time that new DC Worlds Collide codes are released by the developers, we'll add them to the list below. This game was in Early Access when the first code was released in May 2021, so it's the perfect time to jump into the game and start your adventure. Redeem those codes as soon as possible if you want to get every free item in the book.

  • 00a0WT0rMX3p2B3 – redeem code for x200 diamonds

It's highly advised that you bookmark this page and return regularly so that you don't miss out on any valid code. These may only last for a few days, and since an expiration date isn't always available, it's best that you redeem them right away.

How to Claim DC Worlds Collide Redemption Codes

DC Worlds Collide Codes

How to get those DC Worlds Collide codes, I hear you ask? Do not fret, there is an extremely simple way of redeeming your free rewards. Just follow the step-by-step approach that we explain below and you'll get your items and currency in no time, just like Flash would.

  • Go to your headquarters screen
  • Tap your profile picture in the top left corner
  • Choose the Settings tab to the left of the new screen
  • Tap Redemption Code
  • Input your working DC Worlds Collide code and tap Confirm

That's it! If everything went according to plan, your superhero team will become a bit stronger with the fresh rewards that are coming your way. Not bad for a few seconds worth of work, right?

The DC Worlds Collide download is available from the Play Store, give it a go if you're a fan of the comics and movies.

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