Dead by Daylight Mobile Release Date and Pre-Registration

Dead by Daylight Mobile Release Date

Dead by Daylight is the hugely successful asymmetrical survival horror game available on PC and consoles. Developer Behaviour Interactive hit a sweet spot with horror and multiplayer gamers alike, creating a game that every Friday the 13th fan is praising. Many 4v1 games have fallen by the wayside, so it is quite a feat that Dead by Daylight remains with a high player count since it released in 2016. The acclaimed game is about to get a mobile spinoff, and the Dead by Daylight Mobile release date is drawing near.

Dead by Daylight Mobile Release Date | When is the download available?

Dead by Daylight Mobile Release Date

Dead by Daylight Mobile is described as an experience that retains all the classic elements from the original game. The only changes made concerned the UI, an obvious choice since smartphone controls are very different from PC and console. As for the game modes and core gameplay, everything should be faithful to the scary and addictive game that many fans enjoy. The Dead by Daylight Mobile free to play business model will ensure that every player will be able to join in on the fun – and horror – that the Android and iOS versions will deliver.

The Dead by Daylight Mobile release date is set for April 16, 2020 in North America, South America, and EMEA, for Android and iOS devices. NetEase is handling the launch in Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia later in 2020. Players who sign up for the Dead by Daylight Mobile pre-registration will earn some in-game rewards, including clothing, shards, and more. You can pre-register for Dead by Daylight Mobile right now on Android or iOS.

Dead by Daylight boasts over 15 million players worldwide, PC and console releases included. Steam counts by early 2020 show that an average of more than 20,000 players hunt or are hunted each month in this game. This is a clear sign that Behaviour Interactive could be onto another winner with the upcoming release of the mobile version.

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