Dota 2 Mobile | Is Valve working on a mobile MOBA version?

Dota 2 Mobile

With the upcoming League of Legends Wild Rift release, players are already expressing their excitement to play the famed PC original in mobile and consoles. Riot Games is polishing and finetuning the hit MOBA for these platforms, while providing the same thrills and competitive edge that turned the PC game into a blockbuster. Not only that, League of Legends pretty much started the whole MOBA craze as we know it. However, Dota 2 isn't far behind, as Valve's MOBA consistently remains the second most-played game on Steam. Looking at the entire picture, it makes perfect sense for a Dota 2 Mobile game to be in development.

Is a Dota 2 Mobile version happening?

Dota 2 mobile version happening

There is little doubt that when League of Legends Wild Rift releases for mobile devices by late 2020, it will crush the competition. The sheer strength of Riot Games' title is more than enough to make it a winner, but let's not ignore the expertise of the developer in making a successful mobile and console MOBA. The digital card game Legends of Runeterra is proof that this is a talented and versatile studio that is finally expanding into other genres.

The question here is if Valve is going to stay behind, something that isn't usual for the makers of the Half-Life series. When League of Legends redefined the MOBA genre, Valve followed with Dota 2; When Blizzard amazed the world with Hearthstone, Valve tried to grab a piece of the pie with the ill-fated Artifact. There is a clear pattern behind some of Valve's moves.

Besides, it's not like Valve hasn't dipped its feet on mobile territory yet. Dota Underlords is available on Android and iOS, serving as a way to assess the mobile crowd and, to some extent, the strength of the Dota franchise.

Valve hasn't uttered a word yet on Dota 2 Mobile, but it's doubtful that they are going to leave the field wide open for Riot Games. With the League of Legends Wild Rift release date set for 2020, they need to roll up their sleeves and get to work, otherwise they may end up losing the train… just like it happened with Artifact.

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