Dragon Raja 50x Secret Command CDKey

Dragon Raja 50x Secret Command CDKey

Recruiting allies in Dragon Raja is one of the most compelling actions that you can do daily. Getting a 6-star ally such as Anjou, Luminous, NoNo or Erii is an unrivaled joy, but it's not so easy to earn them. Considering that new ally themes are regularly released, such as Police Ally or Summer Ally, the collection keeps growing and growing. Thankfully, besides earning commands from events, sometimes players get free Secret Command orders after server maintenance or in special occasions. To celebrate half year of the global release, Archosaur Games gifted players an extremely valuable Dragon Raja 50x Secret Command CDKey on July 27, 2020.

Dragon Raja Free 50x Secret Command CDKey

Dragon Raja 50x Secret Command CDKey

As any Dragon Raja player surely knows, Secret Command orders don't come easy. It takes quite a few days to accumulate enough keys to do a 10x gacha summon, so when you are offered a 50x Secret Command CD Key, it is a moment to be remembered.

The Dragon Raja 50x Secret Command CDKey is DR777. Since it is a very valuable key, it is likely to expire soon, if it hasn't already – use it ASAP or you may miss out on this great gift. After redeeming it, you must claim the reward from your in-game mail, then open the inventory and use the gold chest that is labeled as Carn. S. Cmd Set. The 50x orders will be added to your ally recruit total.

If you want to discover all the Dragon Raja CDKey codes, we have a list that is regularly updated. In the same guide you can find instructions on how to redeem the codes, if you're not entirely sure where to use them. To sum it up, you just need to go to Game Settings, scroll down and click on the CDKey button. Input your code and if it is valid, the contents will be sent to your in-game mail.

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