Dragon Raja Acronym Guide | What is INS, INT, CDR, and Player Vitality?

Dragon Raja Acronym Guide

As the great MMORPG that it is, Dragon Raja comes with an awful lot of character stats for you to keep track of. Most of these stats have to be shortened and turned into acronyms, some of them barely comprehensible. While you don't need a deep knowledge of these stats as long as you grow a balanced character, it's useful to know where you excel and where you could improve. This Dragon Raja Acronym guide is going to clear things up for you.

Dragon Raja Acronym Guide | Acronym Meanings and Player Vitality Explanation

Dragon Raja Acronym Guide

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Any player who lives and breathes MMORPGs is surely aware of some of the most common acronyms. For example, EXP or XP is short for experience points, the golden standard for leveling up. However, other acronyms aren't as easy to grasp, so here is a list of the crucial ones that you'll find in Dragon Raja.

  • INS – Insight
  • CON – Constitution
  • STR – Strength
  • CDR – Cooldown Reduction
  • VIT – Vitality
  • EXP – Experience Points
  • HP – Health Points
  • AP – Physical Attack Penetration
  • Crit DMG – Critical Damage
  • Crit Res – Critical Resistance
  • INT – Intelligence
  • MS – Multistrike
  • DEX – Dexterity
  • M. ATK – Magic Attack
  • M. DEF – Magic Defense
  • P. ATK – Physical Attack
  • P. DEF – Physical Defense
  • PK – Player Killing

Most of the stats are self-explanatory, but others deserve some extra thought. Multistrike, for example, is a stat that increases the odds of triggering a special attack, and Physical Defense reduces the amount of damage that you receive from physical attacks.

Vitality is divided into two areas: Player Vitality and Career Vitality. The latter is easy to grasp (you earn a certain daily amount to spend in career activities), but Player Vitality is a different thing altogether. Clicking on the arrows will show you further details, including how you earn it (by participating in events) and where to trade it (gold and grimoires).

This is an easy way to earn extra gold, so make sure that you use your Player Vitality before participating in more events. As for grimoires, each class can make a certain elemental grimoire (the Blade Master class makes fire grimoires), so you can trade yours with other classes for additional rewards.

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