Dragon Raja Ally Nicknames | Can You Rename Your Allies?

Dragon Raja Ally Nicknames

In Dragon Raja, you are not alone. You'll meet many peculiar faces along the way, some of them friendly, some of them a complete menace to your character. One of your first allies is Cassell College's AI butler, EVA. A quick look at her is enough to bring memories of one of the most popular characters from the Halo franchise, Cortana. No one can blame you if you suddenly start calling EVA Cortana, due to the similarities between the two assistants. But can you go a step further and actually rename EVA and the other allies in your in-game mobile device? Worry not, making up your own Dragon Raja Ally Nicknames is something that you can easily do by following the instructions above. So, let's give poor old Finger a name that isn't entirely embarrassing for the guy.

Dragon Raja Ally Nicknames | Rename Your Favorite Allies

Dragon Raja Ally Nicknames

Anyone has any doubts regarding Anjou's background? The Cassell College founder has striking similarities with one Professor X, aka Charles Xavier, the founder of a private school for mutants. However, you have to stick to abbreviations, because the nickname system in Dragon Raja is severely limited. It remains a great thing for laughs though, and another of those almost secret and unnecessary features that Dragon Raja seems to have at every corner.

How can you rename allies in your in-game portable device? Click on the Friends icon to access your advanced communicator, then choose the Contact option. Expand the My Allies tab and click on the portrait of any of your allies, followed by View Info. Notice the edit pencil in the new ally window, so click it and give free rein to your imagination. Sadly, there's a limit of 10 characters, so you can't go crazy with the nicknames.

Although this is a fun little feature to show your friends, it's easy to see that many players would rather stick with the original character names. What about you?

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