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Dragon Raja Ally Phone Numbers

Dragon Raja has the most immersive lore that many gamers have seen in an MMORPG. There is so much to the NPCs, especially the allies that you get to recruit, chat with, or create strong friendship bonds, with constant flirting. Every content update brings something new, from additional story chapters to new ally themes, as well as the much coveted Tales and Anecdotes. However, there are features that remain a mystery and could open new possibilities in the future; either that, or they're just in the game to give players false hope. For example, the Dragon Raja ally phone numbers that you discover sometimes, what good are they for?

Dragon Raja Ally Phone Numbers

Dragon Raja Ally Phone Numbers

You can get ally phone numbers by several means. This list isn't extensive and you'll immediately notice the lack of a way to contact Zero or Mai Sakatoku, among many others. However, it's great to know that you can get in touch with NoNo whenever you can, although most of the time you'll have to endure her angry response. Until one day, perhaps?

There are a few ways to get these phone numbers. Sometimes you receive them from a quest or from picking up trash (Tattered Book Card), other times you get them right from the ally in question while chatting with them. There may be more phone numbers hidden around, but they aren't easy to come by and most of the time you won't even be able to get the call through.

To call an ally, you must go to a phone booth in Cassell College or Tokyo, for example, and dial freely.

Here is the current list of Dragon Raja ally phone numbers:

  • NoNo: 0017730101098
  • Erii: 0081387019820
  • Luminous: 0017732009515
  • Johann Chu: 0017732004703
  • Caesar: 0017731129930

If you discover any other ally phone number, feel free to let us know about it in the comments. The same can be said about the call connections, which at the time of writing are either fruitless or frustrating, with an access failure message showing up for most of them.

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