Dragon Raja Ally Questions Guide | Quiz Solutions and Answers

Dragon Raja Ally Questions Guide

Dragon Raja has some entertaining quizzes that test your wits in areas such as history or geography, among many others. The Salon of INT and King of Gossip are just two examples that provide you with experience points and items. But there is another kind of quiz that is less conspicuous but also very important for your character growth. This quiz is related to the allies that you earn in the gacha, so it's likely to be very different for each player. Keep reading our Dragon Raja ally questions guide to be prepared for the allies' quiz.

Dragon Raja Ally Questions Guide

Dragon Raja Ally Questions Guide

By using the free and paid gacha you recruit allies to your mission. This can be either good or bad guys who will provide you with a boost to the combat rating, appear in battle to dish out a few useful skills, and offer you gifts. To improve their abilities you must advance their level and give them gifts as well.

There is a friendship rating, also known as link points, where you can see your relationship with a specific ally. The higher this rating is, the more likely they are to invite you for some activities. For example, NoNo asks you to take a photo with her, Ming-Z-Lu invites you to the hot tub for a definitely not awkward chill time, and EVA has tons of wisdom to share with you.

But occasionally you are put to the test with some questions. This happens in your communicator, which you can access in the bottom area of the screen by clicking the “Friends” icon. Click on “Contact” and “My Allies” and you'll find your partners, some of them eager to test you. You'll get a notification when an ally wants to tell you something, so you don't need to keep checking your comm all the time.

And now, here are some of the questions that your allies may ask you:


Q: What's Caesar ID in the Hunter's Market?
A: Governor of Gaul

Q: Where did professors Guderian and Manstein first meet?
A: Lunatic Asylum

Q: Who is Luminous' mentor?
A: Guderian

Q: Who is the psychological counselor at Cassell College?
A: Masashi Toyama

Q: What kind of books does the vice principal enjoy reading most?
A: Adult Magazines


Q: How many types of elements are there in the Dragon World?
A: 5

Q: Which EX is the best match for EX-Royal Fire?
A: EX-Tyrant's Eye

Q: At what level does an EX become known as god level?
A: 112

Q: What is the humanized name of the Dragon Lord Norton?
A: Ronald Don

Q: What EX can EX-Glimmer be evolved to?
A: Time Zero

We'll update this guide as we find more questions. As always, feel free to help us expanding on this guide by leaving your comments below.

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