Dragon Raja Ally System | How to earn daily XP and increase rating

Dragon Raja Ally System

One of the things that we’ve showed you in our Dragon Raja rating increase guide is the ally system. This is how gacha is introduced in this MMORPG, thankfully via an in-depth system that doesn’t force your hand into the cash shop. You can purchase gacha tickets with diamonds, but you also get regular free draws and earn tickets through quests. The Dragon Raja ally system features the cast of the game, portraying every character as support units that level up, give and receive gifts, equip items, gains tiers, and more.

What are Dragon Raja allies for?

Dragon Raja Ally System Center Chisei Gen

Allies in Dragon Raja are valuable assets that occasionally show up in battle to perform a special skill, dealing damage or using buffs. There are five options to help you unlock and improve allies:

Ally: This is where you can see your collection of allies, check their rarity (up to six stars), and get warned by a red dot when you can perform a specific action, such as equipping an item or advancing someone.

Center: In this option you can deploy your main ally and four additional supporters.

Recruit: The gacha system, where you get a few free daily tickets and a “special favor” option which has a chance of dropping higher rarity allies.

Gallery: Check the portraits and bios of every character that you have unlocked, from a total of 46 at launch.

Bounty: The Night Watcher event where you can earn character experience, ally experience, potions, gems, and ally items.

Dragon Raja Ally System NoNo Overview

Everything begins with the Recruit option, where you’ll get your first allies. Every repeated ally that you get is dismantled and transformed into potions to level up. By clicking on the student identification card, you can choose your lucky ally, although the effects of this selection aren’t quite noticeable. When you have your first allies, head over to the Center option and pick the one with the highest rarity and overall superior stats as your main. Add the other positions in accordance to their rating.

Periodically use the potions that you earn (turquoise, sapphire, and amethyst) to increase your ally EXP, focusing on the three or four most valuable units. When you have enough gems, advance your allies as well. Equipping private items is another way to boost yours and your allies’ rating power, so do it whenever you can. When a top character already has an item, equip it to an inferior ally as it will increase your ranking anyway.

Every ally has a friendship level which you can increase by offering them gifts. When you reach a certain point, you may receive a gift as well. Allies also have a bond system, which translates into enhanced abilities if they are joined by a few specific characters.

Dragon Raja Ally System | Earn extra XP with daily bounty missions

Dragon Raja Ally System Bounty

The bounty mission, also called Night Watcher event, is a feature that you just can’t overlook if you want to see your allies gain levels and equip items. In Dragon Raja, almost everything contributes to your overall rating or combat power, so never neglect to dispatch your allies in missions that can last from 30 minutes up to three hours. These are passive missions, which means that you have no effect whatsoever over them – you dispatch your selected allies and they return after a while with the rewards.

You can dispatch your allies in four bounties at a time, picking three units for each mission. The better the rating of the units, the most likely it is for them to return with better rewards. You have 12 bounties per day, and you can refresh the available options up to three times for free, with subsequent refreshes costing a few diamonds.

Next to each bounty you’ll find a few characteristics such as friendly, leader, adaptive, courageous, and sensitive. Each ally is rated according to these traits, so your best bet is to pick the ones that display higher ratings for the task at hand. For example, Luminous has high friendly and sensitive ratings, while NoNo excels at adaptive and friendly. Take these factors into consideration as the rewards will be better if the most suited team is dispatched.

Remember to take advantage of the Dragon Raja allies system to earn some valuable rewards each day and improve your character rating with ease.

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