Dragon Raja An Unsigned Letter Guide | Full Anecdote Walkthrough

Dragon Raja An Unsigned Letter Guide

The Dragon Raja X Evangelion limited-time crossover event brought a lot of good stuff to one of the best mobile MMORPGs out there. One of the things that I personally appreciate the most are anecdotes or tales, which sometimes require you to roam the in-game world and keep an eye out for very specific triggers. You joined Luminous in his journey to the anime expo in the silver tale Beyond the Heart, and a few days later it was time for the An Unsigned Letter anecdote to show up. This is a short one and you can do it in one sitting, so let's get going – follow our Dragon Raja An Unsigned Letter guide and reach the bottom of this mystery.

Dragon Raja An Unsigned Letter Anecdote Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja An Unsigned Letter Guide

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It seemed someone left a letter in front of Zelan's shrine

To trigger this bronze anecdote you have to take a trip to Zelan, the busy city. Go to one inconspicuous corner (274,494) and pick up a strange letter from the ground. Open your inventory and use the letter to read it – only hybrids of over level 40 are able to do it. Quite the enigmatic message, don't you think?

So, what should you do now? Check your mission list and tap [O] Hand the letter over to Officer Li. After doing that, wait for a few seconds and talk to him about the investigation results. Could it be a prank? In the meantime, a passer-by goes next to you and puts something in your pocket, check it out by tapping [O] Check what the passer-by put in your pocket. You get a warning that you must open the inventory to check the note by using it, and you get a message that reads “They like to hide in the dark corners.” Creepy.

Tap the mission [O] Go to Zelan High School and look around for clues. You must talk to someone who is familiar with the area, so go to the male student (665,521) and then the Campus Security guy (679,480). Finally some help!

Go to the dark alley near the metro station, but there's no auto-play to help you this time, so I hope you know your Zelan well. Move to these coordinates (645,421) and enter the dark alley until you see a weird schoolgirl. Talk to her and then tap the [O] Defeat the dragonmorphed schoolgirl. After the battle, some figure goes running by, tap the respective mission ([O] Catch up with the figure) until you reach the location with another note on the ground (635,397). Pick it up and read the message to end the anecdote. To be continued…?

This Dragon Raja An Unsigned Letter guide helped you earn one anecdote point from a bronze tale.

An Unsigned Letter – But I didn't expect to meet some poor Death Servitors thousands of miles away in Zelan.

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