Dragon Raja Auto Chess Guide | Auto Chess Release Date and Info

Dragon Raja Auto Chess guide

Dragon Raja keeps dipping its feet in every genre that it can. Being an MMORPG at heart, one could expect that this would be enough to keep players entertained for a long time, but developer Archosaur Games (formerly known as Loong Entertainment) is shooting in all directions. Some PvP modes look a lot like a MOBA, the Blitzkrieg mode is battle royale in its purest form, and there's even a housing system that would make any The Sims fan proud. The next step is the addition of an Auto Chess game mode, inspired by games that made the genre popular, such as Dota Auto Chess and Teamfight Tactics. Here is a brief Dragon Raja Auto Chess guide where we delve into details such as game mechanics and release date.

Dragon Raja Auto Chess Guide | Release Date and Mechanics

Dragon Raja Auto Chess

The Dragon Raja Auto Chess release date is May 28, 2020, for the China version, at least. Also known as War Chess, this mode should arrive in the global version next, possibly in two to three months, and more for the SEA release. Considering the astonishing frequency of updates coming to the Dragon Raja global version, we won't have to wait for long. The sixth class, Scythe, is releasing during the next week, further proving our point.

Based on the info from the China version, every player of level 70 and above can play the Dragon Raja Auto Chess mode. It's a limited time event, which means that it is only available at certain times – every Monday/Friday 20:00-23:30, and Saturday/Sunday 11:00-23:30. We're yet to see if these times will be different for the Global and SEA servers.

As for the game mode's mechanics, it is unsurprisingly similar to the current staples of the genre. While it isn't as attractive as it once was, Auto Chess still remains a desirable addition and another way for Dragon Raja players to earn EXP and rewards.

Each battle supports up to eight players. You approach the chessboard and pick allies of different elements, with units of similar traits translating into affinity and boosted stats. Before each round, you spend your currency to acquire units, which you place on the board and watch the automatic battle happen. You can find all of your familiar faces, such as Erii, Luminous, NoNo, Caesar, Johann Chu, Enxi, Shavee, EVA, Herzog, and more.

As the rounds go by and you start battling other players, your roster grows and you can combine similar units to make stronger 2- or 3-Star warriors. Players are eliminated as their points hit zero, until the winner of the tournament is found.

Are you looking forward to the Dragon Raja Auto Chess game mode?

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