Dragon Raja Basketball Mini-Game | How to unlock sports outfit

Dragon Raja Basketball Mini-Game Outfit

There are various activities in Dragon Raja to keep you entertained and to take a break from the main quest. Car racing is one of them, while basketball is another sport that you can play to test your skills. You’ll be shooting hoops and trying to get into the Cassell College Basketball team. Here is how you can play and beat the Dragon Raja Basketball Mini-Game.

Dragon Raja Basketball Mini-Game | Outfit Unlock

Dragon Raja Basketball Mini-Game Outfit Unlock

After you've progressed for a while in the main story, you have two options to start playing basketball. First and foremost, check your inventory to see if you have a flyer inviting you for basketball tryouts at a certain time in a sunny day (yes, it's that picky, day times are very important in Dragon Raja). If you do, you need to view the world map and access the following locations to practice:

  • At Cassell College, head over to the basketball court (265,438)
  • Speak with Tatsuhiko Kimura
  • Successfully make 10 shots from any position that you like

Second option:

  • At Chizuru, find the basketball court (211,188)
  • By the entrance, speak to basketball court manager Sou Kurosaki
  • Successfully make 10 shots from wherever you feel more comfortable

However, scoring the 10 shots and unlocking the basketball costume isn’t that easy. You can only try your luck once a day, so if you fail you have to return the next day for another chance. Make sure that you learn everything about the way that the in-game physics work, and these are surprisingly faithful to what you would expect from real life – the way that the ball rebounds and bounces on the basketball hoop isn’t going to surprise you or ruin your efforts. Practice makes perfect, but here are a few tips to beat the Dragon Raja basketball mini-game.

Before taking on the challenge, train as much as you can in order to master the throwing arc and learn about the distance that the ball travels. If you do it from the three-point line, you’re going to have a lot of trouble to complete the challenge. Getting a bit closer to the hoop will guarantee that you’ll see a projection of your ball, something that is crucial to make a good shot. Besides, use the side-on camera to make sure that the ball is going to make a perfect rebound, as the third-person camera isn’t always entirely reliable.

When you excel at the basketball event, you’ll earn the right to become a proud member of the Cassell College basketball team. Besides, the brand-new Cassell Uniform is waiting for you in the Wardrobe, so go wear it and showcase your abilities to the world.

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