Dragon Raja Battle Royale Mode | Is There a Battle Royale Event?

Dragon Raja Battle Royale Mode

With so much to offer and so many more possibilities, the Dragon Raja devs may have some trouble deciding which subject to tackle next. New classes is a fact, and so is more story content and raising that level cap. A housing system is another promise that global players should be able to experiment with by late 2020 or early 2021. So, what else can we expect to keep us enthralled in this wonderful and mystical world? A Dragon Raja battle royale mode, you say? Now that would be preposterous for an MMORPG, don’t you think?

Is There a Dragon Raja Battle Royale Game Mode?

Dragon Raja Battle Royale Mode

If we take the time to think about it, the notion isn’t as silly as it sounds. While the battle royale genre is more prone to standalone action games, other MMORPGs have dipped their feet into the concept. Moonlight Blade and MapleStory 2 are just a couple of recent examples, and while we can’t vouch for the success of the challenge, the initial player feedback didn’t seem negative.

A Dragon Raja battle royale mode or event is a reality indeed. The China server has already welcomed it late last year, and the release on the global version was announced in May 2020. Titled Code: Blitzkrieg, this game mode launches on May 21, 2020.

In Blitzkrieg, 60 players will battle to be the last man standing, with a perpetually shrinking circle pushing them together. Players won’t drop from an airplane as it happens in many other battle royale games, but from a helicopter, making their way to the ground using a hang glider.

The rest of the battle royale mode is standard fare, as you search around for loot of different tiers. Defeating other players will make them drop their loot so that you can rummage the equipment and hope to find stronger gear.

Do you think that the Dragon Raja battle royale mode is a good addition to the acclaimed MMORPG?

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