Dragon Raja Battle Royale Update Patch Notes | Blitzkrieg and Club 95

Dragon Raja Battle Royale Update

For lack of a better name or release version, we're calling tomorrow's patch the Dragon Raja battle royale update. On May 21, players will be able to test their skills on the new game battle royale mode called Blitzkrieg. This is a time limited event, so make sure that you check the available times to join in on the fun. This is a massive patch, something that is becoming the norm for Dragon Raja, as the Open Shop and Fighter class update proved before. There is a lot more going on besides the Code: Blitzkrieg mode including the Club 95, so keep reading to see what else is new.

Dragon Raja Battle Royale Update Patch Notes Highlights

The big feature of this update is the battle royale mode. A maximum of 60 players enter the battlefield and only one (or one team) comes out alive. There are solo and team modes and it is only open for players of level 70 and above. You can choose one of the following classes, and everyone starts on an even footing as your Dragon Raja combat rating has no effect in the Blitzkrieg mode: Vanguard, Gun Smith, Assassin, and Medic.

The mysterious Club 95 is finally opening up its doors. You may have seen the notifications about this club for a few weeks now, but there was no way of joining. Now you can do so, but only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. A secret password is required to enter the club… well, it's not that secret if it's available in the patch notes. The Club 95 location is on Highway 95 and you can expect a lot of dancing, racing at midnight, eating, and dancing.

Dragon Raja Battle Royale Update Patch Notes

Dragon Raja Battle Royale mode release date Blitzkrieg

1. New survival mode “Blitzkrieg” is online officially!
Blitzkrieg is an absolutely fair competition, which includes Solo and Team modes, and can hold at most 60 player each game. You can only win the final victory through continuous searching and fighting! Players with lv.70 and above can join the “Blitzkrieg” through “Event” – “Time-limited” – “Blitzkrieg” every Thu/Fri 20:00-23:00 and Sat/Sun 11:00-23:30.

2. Welcome to the mysterious Club 95, time for a party now!
Club 95 is a mysterious underground club located at Highway 95 and it’s only available on every Fri/Sat/Sun night. All you need to do is to shout out the secret password “Janus leads my way” to join the club. In Club 95, we provide various entertaining games here, including Dance for Romance, Midnight Race, Arcade Hall, Morra Contest, Enjoy Gourmet and Dance Performance. Winners in each game can get some special candies and Crystal of Irdsnc as rewards, meanwhile those guests who have excellent performances can have some unique titles as rewards.
BTW, if you choose block booking, the whole club is all for yours. You can invite Grand Chef to make gourmet for the visitors and Superstars to perform for everyone. It’s all depends on you! Also for block booking, you can gain the precious patrol chances with your partners at Highway 95, Funfair and Siberia Harbor. Please note that players who rank No.1 in Last Week Gifts Received and Last Week Moments Popularity ranking can gain a free Block Booking Ticket.

3. “Dear Player” event is available!
Since the very beginning, Dragon Raja has been officially online for almost 3 months, and already has over 6 million downloads. To thank you all for your support and love, we’ve prepared some surprise gifts for you. From the update to June 17th, there will be a daily gift for you. Also, we’ve prepared some super gifts on 4 special dates, remember to log in game and collect them!<
i. On May 21st, players can claim Tier I gift through Festival, including Evolution Stone, Eternal Flames, Stabilized Shards, Diamonds and Furniture Voucher.
ii. On May 25th, players can claim Tier II gift, including Avatar – Loving Beast, Lv.8 Elemental Gem, Special Nutrients, Diamond, D-Cypher Runes and Furniture Voucher.
iii. On May 28th, players can claim Tier III gift, including Evolution Stone, Amethyst Potion, Eternal Flame, Stabilized Shard, Gold, Diamond and Furniture Voucher.
iv. On June 4th, players can claim Tier IV gift, including Necklace – Tear of Snow (Beauty +200), Lv.8 Elemental Gem, Secret Command, Flame of Underworld, Stabilized Crystal, Amethyst Potion, Diamond and Furniture Voucher.
v. On June 6th, Dragon Raja will be officially online for 100 days. To celebrate this special day, all players who registered before June 6th can log in game and claim the Tier V gift through email, which is a Snowdream Mtr Motor Box! Eva is always waiting for you in game, and don’t forget to claim and craft this special and meaningful motor.
BTW, the Furniture Voucher can be used to redeem some mysterious furniture from NPC Zaza in Cassell College.

4. Fight Medal Phase II starts!
From the update to July 22nd, players can earn medal points from daily activity and use it to upgrade fight medal levels and gain lots of rewards. If you upgrade to Dragonslayer medal, you can get Angel Tano – Outfit, chat background – Moonlit River, avatar – Autumn Memories, title – Dragonslayer Oath and many other items.

5. Witch Wish Room event is available again! More motors, outfits and avatars await you!
The mysterious Witch wish room just opened! From the update to June 7th, you have chance to get Star Serenade outfit / Hair, exquisite avatars and avatar frames from wishing in witch room. Also, you can get Outfit Dismantle chests from dismantling Star Serenade outfit / hair, from which you can get certain Outfit Dismantle Coupons. You can use the Outfit Dismantle Coupons to redeem Motor Plan: Fantasy – Lovesong, Nebula Love outfits, Sepcial Dept. Outfits, and newly added Dragon Tear outfits.

For the drop rate of Witch Wish Room event and Outfit Dismantle Chest, please see the attached pics.

6. Optimized some of the localization expressions.

7. Fixed the Home Cleanliness Rating rewards bug.

8. Fixed the “Urgent Calling Clear Reward” chest bug.

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