Dragon Raja Battle Uniform Hair Guide | How to Unlock Hairstyle Free

Dragon Raja Battle Uniform Hair How to Unlock

Very few things in Dragon Raja are as rewarding as unlocking a full clothing set. These rare moments are worthy of celebration and the occasional showing off. The Dragon Raja Battle Uniform 2.0 is a clothing set that is comprised of clothes and hairstyle, and while the first part can be easily earned for free as part of the storyline, the hair component isn't as straightforward as some players may have hoped for. Still, we have the easy solution for you to unlock the Dragon Raja Battle Uniform hair without breaking a sweat, so keep on reading.

Dragon Raja Battle Uniform Hair Unlock

Dragon Raja Battle Uniform Hair Unlock guide

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Have you been playing Dragon Raja for at least a couple of days? Then it's very likely that you already have the Battle Uniform 2.0 outfit, which is unlocked right before you go aboard Trieste with your new best pals Caesar, Johann Chu, and Luminous. But the Battle Uniform 2.0 hair won't just fall on your lap.

You can unlock the Dragon Raja Battle Uniform hair in a few hours, so it's not a very demanding task. To get it, you must defeat the level 45 Paradiso Drunkard boss, which is the mutant Akira Sakurai. He spawns every 30 minutes in Paradisio Outskirts, near one of the cat statues (16,111).

The best thing about this task is that you can leave your character in auto-combat mode and it will take care of business when the Paradiso Drunkard boss spawns. You should find quite a few players around, patiently waiting for it to spawn. However, make sure that you have a character of decent level and battle rating so that this battle doesn't turn into an unnerving clash with an unpredictable outcome.

When the battle ends, you get an O's coin – Drunk. To use the coin, you must go to the machine (23,9) or just tap use in your inventory. If you're lucky, you can get 20 doll drunkard in less than a day, which is the amount needed to redeem the Battle Uniform 2.0 hair at the Night Owl Squad NPC (20,7). The hair comes with beauty +100 stats, but you can also accumulate 10 more dolls to redeem the Tamamomae body tattoo, with beauty +50.

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