Dragon Raja Best Class Guide | Which Class Should You Choose?

Dragon Raja Best Class Beginners Guide

Millions of players worldwide are enjoying the thrilling and beautiful mobile MMORPG Dragon Raja. If you haven’t heard of this game yet, there’s still time to jump in, since it launched in late February. It is hands down one of the best games of its genre, and we’re including PC MMOs in the deal as well, so if you’re looking for a novel sci-fi style and incredible depth, you can’t skip this one. However, you will face a tough choice during the first minutes – which class should you choose? There are four classes available and every single one has something unique. This Dragon Raja best class guide is going to help you make a considered decision and make the best of your first run through Cassell College and its surroundings.

Dragon Raja Best Class | Who Should You Choose?

Dragon Raja Best Class Beginners Guide

Before we get into the core of the subject, the current and future Dragon Raja classes are available for your examination. The global launch features four classes, but at the time of writing, the China server already offers two additional choices: the intriguing Fighter and the gothic Scythe. Your choice is already difficult as it is, so let's delve deeper into the classes.

We'll begin with the Blade Master class, the tank of the game. This is a fast melee class that is the first in battle and causes some serious damage with its blades. It acts as a sponge capable of distracting stronger foes while other team members deal damage without worries. This is a great DPS class that is suited for every gameplay style.

The Gunslinger is the ranged class in Dragon Raja. You'll quickly compare it to the Archer class in most MMORPGs due to its long range damage and the ability to stay at a safe distance. It's best when combined with a Blade Master, but the downside is that the defense stats aren't that great. Don't get too close or you may find it somewhat frustrating.

The Soul Dancer class is a triumph of design and a great class to boot. It's not recommended for beginners or newbies to the genre, but if you prefer to play as a support class, this is your best choice. Soul Dancers act as healers and are recommended for every balanced party, but should absolutely avoid getting up close and personal with the stronger foes. Besides, the ethereal twin looks awfully cute and they can turn enemies into rubber ducks, so that's a big plus.

The last option is the Assassin class. Let's call it the mage of Dragon Raja, with its decent mix of melee and ranged abilities. While the thought of wearing an exoskeleton may sound appealing, it isn't as exciting or effective in combat as the Blade Master or Gunslinger classes.

To summarize, unless you love playing as a support role, in which case you should pick the Soul Dancer, the best Dragon Raja class is the Blade Master. Let us know in the comments if you have tried the game and if you agree with our selection.

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