Dragon Raja Bond Party Guide | Quiz Solutions and Answers

Dragon Raja Bond Party Guide

The latest Dragon Raja update unleashed on March 12 brought a few new activities and events. One of those is the Bond Quiz, which is a simple and straightforward solo daily task with a few questions thrown into the mix. Just as we've done before with the Salon of INT and other Dragon Raja quizzes, we'll compile the questions and answers below with the help of our amazing community. Check our Dragon Raja Bond Party Quiz guide below, and we'll expand on it as we discover new questions.

Dragon Raja Bond Party Quiz Guide | Answers and Tips

Dragon Raja Bond Quiz Guide

The Bond Quiz is available every day for players above level 25. The rewards include EXP, gold, claw machine coins, and a carnival gift box, so it's always worth the trouble. Besides, it's a quick event that won't take more than ten minutes or so to finish.

You can auto-quest most of the Bond Quiz steps, which will take you to one region among Cassell College, Chizuru, and Hydras. You'll find an NPC walking a predefined route, dropping flyers which you must grab. Then you have to go to the Bond Envoy to answer the question. Here are the ones that we have discovered so far:

Q: What does it take to host a Bond Party?
A: All other conditions are required

Q: How do you enter the Bond Party Environment?
A: Find the Bond Party Manager

Q: How do you host a Bond Party?
A: Open a conversation with party host

Q: Where is the entrance to the Bond Party?
A: Friends-Me-Bond-Bond Certificate-Party

Q: How do you attend a friend's Bond Party?
A: Click “go now” in the invitation link

Q: How many Bond Parties can you attend daily?
A: Infinite symbol (∞)

Thanks to Cornelius Crawley for pitching in.

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