Dragon Raja Brilliant Youth Outfit | How to Unlock Outgoing Outfit

How to unlock Dragon Raja Brilliant Youth Outfit

One of the most compelling aspects about Dragon Raja is unlocking and using new outfits for your class. While most of these clearly state the requirements, some of them nonetheless remain difficult to achieve, and for the sake of this guide let's just completely ignore the mandatory top-up outfits. The Dragon Raja Brilliant Youth outfit is a breezy and great-looking costume which we're displaying here with the Blade Master female class, after unlocking it via the straightforward requirement. So, how can you get this cool, outgoing outfit and add it to your extensive collection?

Dragon Raja Brilliant Youth Outfit | How to Get Sexy Outfit

Dragon Raja Brilliant Youth Outfit

The Brilliant Youth outift adds +200 to your Beauty rating and is described as outgoing and concise. It is in fact a very short dress with a sporty jacket thrown on top of it, but the combination looks amazing. Check the image above to see just how cool it is, and with dyes you can personalize it to further fit your style.

So, here's how you can get the Brilliant Youth outfit. You need to amass a certain amount of carnival tickets. something that you can only do over a few weeks. When you have a few hundred tickets, specifically 460 or more, head over to Cassell College and find the NPC Eri Badhi. You can purchase a hairstyle, avatars, frames, and more, but the highlight is without question the Brilliant Youth outfit. Furthermore, this is a permanent item, so you're not just getting for a day or a week, it's forever.

Many players seem to be ignoring the use of carnival tickets, so the next time that you earn those, don't forget to check the full amount in your inventory. Who knows, you may have more than enough to add more Dragon Raja outfits to your collection.

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