Dragon Raja Carnival Tickets | How to Get and Where to Use

Dragon Raja Carnival Tickets

Among the many currencies, trinkets, and rewards that you earn in Dragon Raja are carnival tickets. After a few months of playing you're likely to have a nice pile of them cluttering your inventory, probably making you consider how to get carnival tickets and their real utility. Are carnival tickets useless, just another ho-hum item, or could it yield you some unexpected rewards? You know, something as hard to get as a new hairstyle, or even better, a cool new outfit that you can only unlock via carnival tickets? Read on to know what to do with those Dragon Raja carnival tickets and get some cool stuff in the process.

Dragon Raja Carnival Tickets | How to Get Carnival Tickets

dragon raja carnival tickets how to get

Carnival tickets aren't the kind of reward that you earn via activities on the events tab. This is the type of item that isn't actively offered as a reward for, let's say, Dragon Hunting or PvP activities. Instead, it is a regular drop that comes if you log in during the expected time.

To get carnival tickets, you only have to log into Dragon Raja during the weekend, on Saturday and Sunday. However, there is another important detail to earn the tickets, which is the time of day – the weekend packs where the carnival tickets are included are available if you stay online between 8 PM and 11 PM. Every 30 minutes, a new pack will be up for grabs, and the longer you are playing during the required timeframe, the more carnival tickets will be inside, among other rewards.

This is the current way to get carnival tickets, but it might eventually change in the future. In the meantime, regular players should own a few hundred of these, and you can spend them at Cassell College by visiting Eri Badhi.

What can you purchase with carnival tickets? Avatars, frames, chat bubbles and backgrounds, moments medals, hairstyles (Wings of Loki), and… the Brilliant Youth outfit. This is the only way to unlock the Brilliant Youth outfit, so save those precious carnival tickets for it – currently selling for 480 tickets, it's quite a bargain, Besides, the only thing that you have to do is log in and claim those carnival tickets. Not bad, right?

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