Dragon Raja Delete Character | Can I Remove a Character?

Dragon Raja Delete Character

Like every other MMORPG, the choice of your main Dragon Raja class isn't an easy one. You stick with the Soul Dancer for a few days because it looks amazing and it's one incredibly original class, but then you find out that you prefer to go in all guns blazing instead. So you create your second class, a Gunslinger, but don't those swords from the Blade Master look cool? Well, why not? After all, you have four slots to use, one for each class in this game. But when you have used up all of them, you begin wondering about deleting a certain class to level up another one. So, is there a Dragon Raja delete character option and how can you create your fifth character?

Dragon Raja Delete Character | Is It Possible to Remove a Character?

Dragon Raja Character Deletion

It's with a heavy heart that you decide you don't want to be a lolita Gunslinger anymore. I know, these are difficult times. The day has come to replace it with a brand new class, but you have all four slots occupied. How to delete characters and open up a slot for another one?

Sadly, you can't do much at all. Dragon Raja doesn't have an option to delete a character. You are stuck for life with your creations, like it or not.

However, don't despair. If it's a simple matter of changing appearance, you have an NPC at Cassell College to do so, Tony the Image Designer is your man. On the other hand, if you truly want to switch classes, you have a couple of options – you can go to the Class Transfer NPC to change your class, or hop into a different server and start creating once again, as all four slots are available from the start.

While this isn't the ideal option – that would be to simply delete a character without any issues -, Dragon Raja still gives you the workarounds that you need in order to keep playing.

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