Dragon Raja Class Change | How to switch classes

Dragon Raja class change

Dragon Raja is a mobile MMORPG where you can be a gifted student from Cassell College. This game is heavily story-based and while your class choice doesn’t affect how the narrative unfolds, it locks you into a certain type of combat gameplay. Business as usual, we would say, except that the Dragon Raja classes aren’t inaccessible later in the game. Read on if you want to find out more about the Dragon Raja class change and adopt other playstyles.

Dragon Raja class change | How to switch classes

How to Unlock Classes in Dragon Raja

Let’s say that you decided to go with the Gunslinger. That’s definitely a good choice if you’re a fan of ranged classes and prefer an approach that will let tanks get up close, while you deal damage from a distance. However, you may want to try the charming Soul Dancer and see how a support class performs in Dragon Raja. There is a way to do so without starting with a new class from level one.

To perform the Dragon Raja class change (also called class verification), you must look for Cygnet, the class transfer NPC. He is standing at the gardens of Cassell College, his coordinates are roughly 317, 345. Talk to him and you’ll get the option to switch to one of the other classes.

Obviously, there are a few requirements, with the most noteworthy being that your character must be at least level 40. The first class change costs 300,000 gold, but subsequent changes increase this amount, so make sure that you really want to give other classes a go. Besides, class changes have a cooldown of 24 hours.

A class switch will automatically convert gear stats, with random stats being converted into the ones that favor the class the most. You may need to head over to your skills and talents menus and activate them, as these don’t always take the change into account.

While the level 40 requirement is for starting class changes, this may not work for additional Dragon Raja classes such as the Fighter or the Scythe. Based on the China version, the Scythe class requires you to complete the main quest on level 69, and only then you’ll be able to speak with Cygnet and unlock it. Of course, you can always choose it right from the Dragon Raja class selection screen if it’s your first go, so ultimately it’s up to how you are going to approach the game.

The Dragon Raja global release date is set for some time during February 2020.

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