Dragon Raja Club 95 Location | What it is and How to Enter Club 95

Dragon Raja Club 95 location

With the latest content update, Dragon Raja received some remarkable features. The fifth class, Fighter, was released, and the housing system adds a touch of The Sims to this mobile MMORPG. The official patch notes usually cover most of the changes and improvements, but they don't go into enough detail as to reveal every little addition. More often than not, the Dragon Raja patches seem to add bits of content that aren't instantly accessible, one of them being something called Club 95. This one is teasing many players who can't seem to find what this is all about. So, what is this Dragon Raja Club 95 and where can you find it? Keep reading for the answers.

Dragon Raja Club 95 Guide | What is Club 95?

Dragon Raja Club 95 location

With the release of the Dragon Raja May 21 update, the Dragon Raja Club 95 finally opened its doors. However, it isn't easy to locate, so unless you know where to go, you may miss it entirely. Club 95 located in Highway 95 and the coordinates are 749,770, as you can see from our image above. You need to go into the desert, not far from the truck stop where you start the races. Check this image for the exact map location, in case you want to know where to go.

When you reach the place with the Matrix-style effect and the bouncer, you must enter a password to gain access. In World chat, type “Janus leads my way”, with a capital “J”. An exclamation mark should then appear over the bouncer, so talk to him to enter Club 95. Club 95 is only available every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. You can also choose block booking, keeping the club all to yourself and your special guests. 

Club 95 has tons of activities during the brief time that it remains open. You can play various minigames and try to make a winning streak to win prizes, or you can race cars. There's food and dancing with your partner, but it's best for you to check the kind of entertainment that the official sources describe: Dance for Romance, Midnight Race, Arcade Hall, Morra Contest, Enjoy Gourmet, and Dance Performance.

Dragon Raja Club 95 location minigames

Before the release of Club 95 in the global version, a Reddit user going by keIIzzz revealed the details from the Chinese version, which is in a much more advanced stage than the recent global release. According to this user, Club 95 is a nightclub in Highway 95 that you need a password to enter, and it looks exactly like Takamagahara. Another Reddit user, Niroadv, confirmed this by saying that he got the ticket/password from being the top player in weekly receive.

Lending credence to the aforementioned affirmations made by the two Reddit users, players who rank No.1 in Last Week Gifts Received and Last Week Moments Popularity gain a ticket that allows them to block booking.

As you have probably spotted by now, there are a few costumes and currencies in Dragon Raja that are inaccessible for now. There's no way that you can acquire the coupons needed to buy the Beach Party outfit, and the Dragon Tear Suit requirements say that you must play Superplayer to get. For a certain time, Club 95 wasn't available as well. It was another one of these unreachable features where you'd get a notification, but no way to enter the club:

“Happy time is always short. Club 95 is closing now. We look forward to serving you next time.”

That's one less mystery in Dragon Raja, as the game grows and gets more and more features. Enjoy your stay in Club 95.

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