Dragon Raja Combat Power Guide | How to increase your Rating level

Dragon Raja Combat Power Guide

The Dragon Raja English release is set for February 27, 2020 and the excitement surrounding this mobile MMORPG is noticeable. Many players eagerly waited for the game to drop so that they could dive into this story of gifted students from the Cassell College and their fight against powerful dragons. Obviously, emotions get in the way and the protagonists must endure many arguments and discussions that only contribute to make a very rich and appealing storyline. One of the things that you’ll have to work on to progress is your character rating, which is your class’ ability in battle. This Dragon Raja Combat Power guide is going to detail the many ways that you can increase your rating power.

Dragon Raja Combat Power Guide | Boost your character rating

Dragon Raja Guide

The Dragon Raja Rating is the stat that is commonly known as combat power, or CP, in other MMOs. This represents the sum of several factors contributing to your character’s overall strength, and also works as a way to identify which quests you are able to tackle, and if you are a worthy challenger to other players in PvP combat. Having a lower combat power will prevent you from joining certain dungeons or access certain events.

Leveling Up

Dragon Raja Combat Power Guide Level Up

The main way in any MMORPG for you to increase your combat power is via the campaign, and Dragon Raja is no different. As you complete quests and gain experience points, your character levels up. Each level will see you earn a small amount of combat power, or rating, as it is called in this game. Evidently, this isn’t going to make you stand out from other players, as pretty much everyone will be doing the same quests and earning the same rating power during the first hours of gameplay. However, you should strive to complete every side quest and event that pops up, since this is where you could gain an edge over the competition. Quizzes, for example, are an easy, fast, and reliable way to earn experience points.

Equip Gear

Dragon Raja Guide

Another surefire way to get that rating up is by equipping gear. As soon as you have all the slots occupied, you should watch out for better gear, either by completing quests or participating in events. When you get superior gear you should immediately replace your older gear, but don’t dismantle it quite yet – you should transfer every stat possible from the older piece into the new one, as these items can hold quite a few different stats. In case your item stat allocation slots are full, try to see if you can replace any of them and get that ranking up.

Upgrade Skills and Talents

Dragon Raja Skills Guide

Every chance that you get to upgrade your skills, do it. Not only does it give you stronger means to fight the dragon horde, it also gets that combat power rating up. Soon you will unlock talents as well, which is another set of skills that allows for further combat customization. This enables you to change roles as you see fit, for example changing from the tank to the healer of the team. Besides, talents also increase your combat power.

Unlock and Upgrade Mounts

Dragon Raja Mounts Guide

Motorbikes, wing gliders, hoverboards, even flying sofas or horses from the depths of hell… You name it, there’s probably one mount that you can use in Dragon Raja. Unlocking or crafting a new mount is always a memorable moment, as these means of transportation not only help you move around the open world at a faster pace, they also come with their own rating boost abilities. Refitting a mount with new parts will increase its rating (you can easily see where to earn or purchase the parts that you are lacking), and evolving it further improves the stats.

Summon Allies and Increase Their Level

Allies Guide

The Allies system in Dragon Raja has quite some depth. However, this is a gacha system of sorts, where you summon characters of different ranks. Allies boost your class with passives, stats, and even ultimate skills where their projections briefly appear during combat to help you. You can have up to 46 allies, but only five to support you simultaneously. Each new ally gives you a combat power boost, and leveling them up adds to the overall rating power. Offering them gifts and unlocking gear also contributes to their rating.

Apart from the allies’ valuable combat blessing, bounties are a great way to put allies to good use. You can dispatch a few groups of three allies on missions that could last 30 minutes, one hour, or more. When they return, you’ll get a nice set of rewards including experience, gear, gems, and more. There is a daily limit to these missions, so make sure that you make the most of them.

Socket Gems in Cores

Cores Guide

The Dragon Raja classes are based on the elements: Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire. Cores give stat boosts to constitution, strength, and others. As you socket and level up gems, their rating increases and add up to your character’s rating.

And there you have it, hopefully this Dragon Raja Combat Power Guide will teach you the basics on how to level up your rating. There are surely other ways to do so and more will come as new Dragon Raja updates are released, but the golden rule is that you have to complete as many quests and daily events as you possibly can. Collect everything that you have, dispatch your allies, and you’ll get that combat power up in no time.

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