Dragon Raja Couple and Flowers Guide | Full Anecdote Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Couple and Flowers guide

A couple of lovers at breaking point, discussing their future. What is going to happen to them? You have the power to help them live happily ever after, or instead to force a break-up and watch as one of them gives up on the other. Dragon Raja usually has no fear of showing some aspects of real life in a harsh but truthful light, and the Couple and Flowers Anecdote, also known as Lovers and Floriography, is further proof of that. Read our Dragon Raja Couple and Flowers guide and decide the fate of the two lovers thanks to your choice of flower.

Dragon Raja Couple and Flowers Guide

Dragon Raja Couple and Flowers Guide

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Couple and Flowers – It could be both miserable and satisfying to enjoy watching lovey-dovey couples.

This Bronze anecdote is sometimes called Lovers and Floriography as well, and it requires tons of patience to complete. Meet a couple of secretive lovers behind the main Cassell College building (252,187). This can only be done at a certain time, which is likely to be 1AM or 1PM according to your region, but try different times – memorize it since they should be back the next day at the same time. Speak to them so that three options show up, two of them probably locked, and only the option “Go away” is available – obviously, this won’t allow you to continue the quest.

To unlock the “Best wishes to the couple” dialogue, you must have a Romantic rating over 20, and to unlock the “Eavesdrop on the private conversation” you need an Emo Kid rating over 20. Otherwise, the anecdote remains inaccessible.

Open the game chat and select “Current” to see that the couple is discussing their future. You must wait for some unknown time (if you’re lucky) or return another day to find out if they will continue their conversation (there are three parts to their dialogue) and trigger the next part of the quest – when Rauss has a quest marker above his head. If this doesn’t happen in one or two days, return until they finally decide to let it all out.

When you finally can talk to Royce (the marker is visible), he’ll blame you for his bad luck and asks you to buy flowers to help. In Cassell College, find bug-eyed flower vendor Nina (231,434) and pick the option according to your personality trait: “One rose is enough for the dawn” if Romantic, or “Chrysanthemums bring fragrance to our bond” if Emo Kid.

Return to the couple behind the building and if they’re still there (otherwise try another day at the same time), approach them until you see a bouquet icon show up. Click it to give the flowers to Rauss and finally make the couple happy. You should get this tale done and two titles in the process: Third Wheel and Well-Fed for Today. If you go the Emo Kid route and give the Chrysanthemum, the couple will split and instead you get the Break’em Up title.

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