Dragon Raja Dream Guardian Outfit Unlock | How to Get Free Outfit

Dream Guardian Outfit Unlock Free

Unlocking new outfits in Dragon Raja is far from being an easy task. The main story gives you some new costumes and you get to earn a few more if you're vigilant and resilient. However, some of the most compelling outfits are locked behind a paywall, because that's just how free-to-play games make any money. But now and then, developer Archosaur Games gives everyone a free meal… I mean, a free outfit as added motivation for players to stick around and maintain a striving community. With the latest update on April 30, 2020 you have the opportunity to add to your wardrobe, so here is how the Dream Guardian outfit unlock works.

Dragon Raja Dream Guardian Outfit Unlock

Dragon Raja Dream Guardian Outfit Unlock

The new outfit is offered as part of a celebration for the Autumn Waltz event. Unlike what happens with the Brilliant Youth outfit, which you can get for free after trading a few hundreds of specific coupons, the Dream Guardian is a different matter entirely. To get this free outfit, you must claim the gift from the Event interface as soon as you can, because this is a limited offer.

This event gift includes the following items:

  • Avatar – Moon Rabbit
  • Outfit – Dream Guardian
  • Title – Autumn Waltz
  • Diamonds

The Autumn Waltz events runs from April 30 to May 13, 2020. There are a few requirements to get the prize, but they are very simple. You must be level 25 or above (something that you can achieve in an hour or so), log into the game and sign in every day, go to the event page daily (the Festival icon) and claim the daily gold and reward.

From April 30 to May 13, you can get the limited Moon Rabbit avatar and 100 diamonds. From May 7 to May 13, you can get the Dream Guardian outfit and 100 diamonds, and on May 13 you can earn the limited title Autumn Waltz, plus 100 diamonds.

The Dragon Raja developers are promising more free gifts for the coming months, including some motors. As you surely know if you play this MMORPG, a motor is in fact a mount, with some of them being pretty bizarre – flying couches and old ladies pushing shopping carts, anyone?

This is great news for anyone who wants to expand on its Dragon Raja wardrobe. Hopefully more and more outfits will be released for free, adding to the diversity of the characters and the wonderful game world that these dragon hybrid students have to explore. Who knows, that compelling Beach Party costume may not be too far off…

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