Dragon Raja Erii style outfit | How to unlock Pure Oracle outfit

Dragon Raja Erii style outfit unlock

Unlocking Dragon Raja outfits isn’t a straightforward task. While you can earn some cool outfits like the Battle Uniform or the Star of Cassell just by completing main quests, others come with tougher requirements. Obviously, having a wardrobe composed of many costumes is a very appealing prospect for many players, so you must keep an eye out for the conditions to unlock them. It’s best to go for the simpler ones so that you have something to show for your efforts, and slowly but surely move on to the more difficult outfits. A good bet is the Dragon Raja Erii style outfit, which you can get if the timing is right.

How to unlock the Dragon Raja Erii style outfit

Dragon Raja Erii style outfit unlock

In case you don’t know who Erii Uesugi is, she is a very shy and sweet girl who loves to play videogames during reunions of the Hydras. Her Pure Oracle outfit is a very detailed Japanese-themed white and red dress that exudes sheer style and glamor.

Unlike others such as the basketball outfit that requires skill and perseverance to unlock, the Pure Oracle outfit is a simple matter of showing up in the right day. You can unlock the Erii style outfit just by showing up during the college anniversary day, which initially showed up for us on March 17, but we have spotted different dates according to when your character was created (on launch day, February 27, the school anniversary is scheduled for March 27). If you click the wardrobe option and the outfit, you should see the unlock option taking you to the calendar. This is where you’ll find the exact date of the school anniversary, corresponding to the day when you can log in to collect your outfit gift.

As the screenshot above shows, this outfit is available for all classes and genders, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve chosen to be a male, female, or Lolita character. Just show up on time, grab the costume and enjoy another addition to your ever-growing wardrobe.

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