Dragon Raja Fallen Star Guide | Full Tale Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Fallen Star Anecdote Guide

The December 2020 update brought a few additional anecdotes to Dragon Raja. These are widely renowned as one of the best parts of this mobile MMORPG, since it places you into new and original stories where you have to be cunning and resourceful to discover the ending. One of the additions is called Fallen Star and what starts with a lost girl will end with a surprising twist. To begin this bronze tale the server level must be 115 and be prepared for some waiting due to a couple of time sensitive events. Read our Dragon Raja Fallen Star Anecdote guide because some parts may get you stuck.

Dragon Raja Fallen Star Anecdote Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja Fallen Star Guide

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A Fallen Star – The parallel destiny between the lost girl and the popular star will be linked at this moment

Go to Ehime Prefecture and find the lost little girl (317, 259). Since this is a time and weather sensitive task, you may have to return a few times until you find her – do so under sunny weather and at noon or midnight in-game time, depending on your server being in Europe, or North America / SEA.

When the girl shows up, speak to her until Moyu, Membership of the Star Club appears. Have a chat with him and then follow both until you reach the street (276,215). The girl’s father and mother show up, so talk to them first and then to Moyu. You discover that he is doing these good deeds because he is in a club, so keep talking until the options to join the club come up. You must choose “Yes, I’ll do it,” because otherwise you wouldn’t continue the tale, right?

After that, you’ll automatically read a diary page about Xie Changlan and when you close it, you find yourself teleporting to the Star Studio. Now this part is important: before speaking with anyone (Autumn Rue, the agent, or Xie Changlan, the actress, you must find and interact with two items in the studio. The first is a photograph (116,124) and the second is a diary (130,143).

Note: if you don’t use the two items and speak to the agent as soon as you enter the room, you’ll end up in a fight with a few thugs and then you have no option but to exit the studio, halting your progress. If this happens, you must return to Ehime Prefecture and speak to Moyu again, where the parents of the girl were standing. Hopefully this action should teleport you back to the studio for another try.

When you have used the items, speak to Xie Changlan and you’ll find yourself back in Ehime Prefecture. Wait for a while in the spot where you appeared (263,288) until Kobayashi appears out of nowhere. A short conversation is followed by Kobayashi running to the backyard (282,282), where three thugs are standing. They’re having an argument, so wait for the conversation to finish – you can see it in the bottom left chat window.

Dragon Raja Fallen Star Guide

Then, find a nice angle and take a photo that includes everyone – Kobayashi and the three gangsters. Open the inventory and use the item called Commission Letter, which should teleport you back to Star Studio. Wait a while for the hooligans to show up, and them destroy them with your fighting ability. Kobayashi shows up when the work is done, so speak to him. Everything seems to be wonderful and you’re about to leave, but you hesitate and return to say just one more thing:

  • No… Nothing, really
  • I was just kidding
  • I’m gonna tell the truth

Obviously, we picked the truth option, so we’re not sure what happens if you choose any other response. This is where the photo comes in handy, because it serves as evidence that Kobayashi set it all up with the hooligans. Talk to Xie Changlan to lay it all on her and then bid farewell to Kobayashi.

The Fallen Star bronze anecdote tale ends right after, as you’re teleported to Cassell College. With this you earn one anecdote point.

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