Dragon Raja Gear Transfer | How to Enhance Gear Stats

Dragon Raja Gear Transfer

While Dragon Raja has a lot to see and do, increasing your rating level can't be neglected – this is an MMORPG after all. You need to know what to do with the insane amount of gear that you frequently get, making sure that you take advantage of the best pieces and don't throw any valuable items into the trash by mistake. While you can sell unwanted gear, it's best to check if their stats can't be transferred to your equipped gear, increasing your overall character rating. This is where the Dragon Raja gear transfer system comes in and we're going to tell you how it works.

Dragon Raja Gear Transfer | How Does it Work?

Dragon Raja Gear Transfer Stats

Gear stats transfer is a simple method to increase your rating and enhance your capabilities. The way that it works is simple and it is always recommended that you do so before dismantling an item. To do so, head over to your inventory (the suitcase icon) and click on a gear item that has “trans” next to it.

Each gear supports up to six attributes. At first, most slots are unused, but you can quickly fill them with stats from inferior gear. Naturally, random stats can't be transferred to a lower-level gear piece, so you must equip the higher-level first and then transfer the stats from the lower-level item into it. Transfer as many attributes to the higher-level gear and then dismantle the useless one. If there's a duplicate attribute, it will add to the existing one without occupying an extra slot. But if all of the six slots are occupied, you have to replace one of the existing attributes.

Don't worry, doing this is highly recommended. You can select an attribute in the left and press transfer to see if it increases or decreases your rating. When you have found an attribute that you wish to replace, click transfer and your rating should increase as expected.

Each attribute transfer costs 500 gold, a reasonable fee that is very much worth it. Gear stats transfer is a crucial process, so make sure that you do it learn how it works and use it whenever you get the chance.

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