Dragon Raja Heir System Guide | Babies, Children, Successor Growth and more

Dragon Raja Heir System Guide

In the China server, Dragon Raja players are delighted by the fact that they can become parents with the new heir system. That's right, any player can have offspring and watch as he or she follows them around in their cute baby costumes. Also known as the successor update, this expansion was released in March 2020 and came after the housing update, which means that global players still have some waiting to do. Nevertheless, you can read the Dragon Raja Heir System Guide below to learn what to expect.

Dragon Raja Heir System Guide and Overview

Dragon Raja Heir System Guide Baby Prototype

This guide is based on the Chinese version and it's impossible to grasp everything about it, but the Heir System was released for the global version with the July 16, 2020 update.

So, the Heir System is about giving birth to a descendant and nurturing him or her. This feature is unlocked when you reach level 60 and you get to see your baby grow through different life stages, becoming a toddler, and finally a child at the ultimate stage. At some phases, you get to choose the equipment, clothing, skills, and growth path.

How to Unlock Your First Heir

Dragon Raja Heir System Guide Babies

You can access your Heir menu by choosing the respective icon in your bottom right interface, the same where you open your Club, Career, and other options. There is another way to use this feature, which is by going to the Centurial Wedding Church in Cassell College and speaking with the Heir NPC, which should be standing at the left side, near the windows (59,30).

Heir stages are divided into the following stages: Sprout → Newborn → Developing → Growth.

There is a limit of three heirs at the same time, with a 50/50 chance of your baby being born as male or female. If you're worried because you haven't formed a bond with another player and decided to stick to a miserable solo life (we're not judging), let me calm your doubts – you can generate a heir without being part of a bond. In case the heir is claimed by two players forming a bond, they have to choose which one is going to take and nurture the Sprout.

How to Raise Your Heir Into Its Ultimate Form

Dragon Raja Heir System Guide Children

Your first step is to nurture your Sprout via several daily tasks, actions, and more. Feeding it delicious meals, checking its conditions, speaking with it, and other actions to raise its level. The different types of actions that you engage with may result in distinct stats during this phase. When it reaches a certain level, you should go to the Heir NPC to perform the transition into the Newborn stage. Both players will get a Newborn heir of a random gender.

Your next task is to name and train the baby, and to grow him or her into a toddler by performing tasks such as giving a bath, feeding milk, playing around, calming the baby, and more. Once again, the baby evolves into the next stage as soon as it reaches a certain level.

During the next phase, you must keep developing your toddler in order to see attribute development and increase. Daily events and other actions will serve this purpose, with the child's attributes being added to the player's overall attributes.

Dragon Raja Heir System | Ultimate Form Skills and Options

Children Outfit

Congratulations, your successor has reached level 90. This is the ultimate form of the heir, gifting him or her with combat skills, which comprise both active and passive skills. Your child also has attributes and is capable of wearing equipment, among other options.

You can use skill books to learn skills for your children, with up to three active skill slots per heir. Furthermore, each skill slot can only learn skills of the respective grade, meaning that red skill slots can only be used for red skills.

Being a child, it is now capable of wearing the latest fashion so that old ladies in the street can say how cute he or she looks. Well, not that this feature is a thing in Dragon Raja, but in the future, who knows. Each child has six equipment slots for you to fill, which are the following: clothes, hats, pants, weapons, shoes, and gloves. Contrary to what you get with your main class, the heir equipment doesn't possess any basic or random stats.

Just as it happens with your character, you can unlock some outfits for him or her to wear. These outfits can be used by any heirs of the same sex. While the early heir outfits don't carry any attributes, the mid- and high-level outfits increase your child's strength.

Your heir is not only a valuable combat partner, but it is also a great companion for your Dragon Raja adventures. In the end, it's another great feature coming to a game that shows amazing depth and care for its world and players. We hope this Dragon Raja Heir System guide gave you a good look on what to expect.

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