Dragon Raja Historical Contribution Guide | What is Historical Contribution and How to Earn Points

Dragon Raja Historical Contribution

Dragon Raja has many systems at work, most of them intertwined in ways that aren't always obvious. The Historical Contribution is one of those stats that may be puzzling some players, especially because you must study Sigils to strengthen your character's build. However, you're bound to stumble upon a message that goes something like “Historical Contribution must reach 500”. This Dragon Raja Historical Contribution guide will clear your doubts, showing you what this is and how you can earn more than enough to enhance those Sigils.

How to Earn Dragon Raja Historical Contribution Points

Dragon Raja Historical Contribution

The name can be somewhat misleading, so it's not unreasonable to find yourself baffled by this situation. The Dragon Raja Historical Contribution points are in fact your club contribution points, so this is where you should focus to earn them.

Joining a club in Dragon Raja is vital, so you should become a founder or member of a club as soon as possible. Perks include a weekly salary, tons of extra club events and, of course, many ways to earn that extra EXP. By participating in club events and donating to it, you increase your Historical Contribution. You can check your total points by going to Clubs, Crews, and finding your name in the Crew List. This is where you see your week's quota and the total Historical Contribution points.

There are many Club events to increase your points, but a few of them make your task easier. Hacker Group is an almost automated event where you just wait for the tasks to complete, and donating to the Club is another simple way of collecting Historical Contribution points. There are several other events, some of them time-limited and others forcing you to engage in some frantic PvP, but there won't be a shortage of ways for you to study the Sigils that you want to.

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