Dragon Raja Housing System Guide | How to Decorate Your Home

Dragon Raja Housing System Guide

On May 7, Dragon Raja saw the release of the housing system, along with the fifth class, the Fighter. This massive content update added one of the most wanted features, a surefire time-sink that isn't hard to achieve for the majority of players. Getting your home, or villa, up to the desired standard is entirely another matter, because there is a lot of empty space to fill with decorations and furniture. Let's see how you can improve your house and what you need to get those cool-looking items with this Dragon Raja Housing System guide.

Dragon Raja Housing System Guide | How to Buy Your First House

Dragon Raja Housing System Finger Housekeeper

There is one simple requirement that stands in the way of purchasing a house – your character must be level 50 or above. As anyone who has been playing Dragon Raja for a few weeks now already knows, this can be achieved in a few hours, so it shouldn't be an issue even for the least skilled players.

When you have reached level 50 and claimed the Home diamond bonus reward in Feature, it's time to move. To purchase your first house, you must click on the Home icon on the bottom left of the screen, right next to the Settings icon.

Click Market and you get to drool at house examples of some of your allies, and you can also see your friends' houses. Click on Visit to go there and personally see their accommodations – there's definitely a lot of empty space in the first days of the house system update release, but soon they will be filled with interesting and luxurious furniture.

Now that you've paid a visit to a friend or two, return to Market and pick the location for your house from the three available: Chizuru, Tokyo, and Ehime Prefecture. You’ll go to the real estate agent in the region that you picked. Choose “Purchase House” and pick your lot and your community. Right now, a house costs 498 diamonds and over 500,000 gold. Once again, very reasonable requirements for any player of level 80 or above – here's hoping that you saved enough of those.

Hiring a housekeeper and a repairman is highly recommended. A housekeeper will keep your house clean and maintain that cleanliness rating on a decent level. The housekeeper can be some random NPC or an ally such as Luminous, Finger, NoNo, Caesar, Erii, and others. You need to achieve high friendship rating with the allies in order to recruit them. Seeing the money-hungry Finger sweeping the floor and complaining about it is a sight to be remembered.

Dragon Raja Housing System Guide | How to Build and Decorate Your House

Dragon Raja Housing System Edit Mode

When you enter the Building mode, you have three options: decorate, room, and feature. Decorate is for the basic house elements such as walls, floors, windows, and others. Room opens up the furniture options for every room, including the outdoors – you can even place a tennis court, soccer field, and a pool. Feature divides the furniture into categories such as lighting, chairs, food, fun, and so on.

You can show or hide the walls for a better view, go up and down floors, rotate and tilt the scenery. When placing an item, you can hold and drag, rotate, copy, and confirm placement.

Furniture can be purchased with three currencies: gold, diamonds, and funds. Funds are the basic currency and are also used for the daily pay of your housekeeper. So, how do you acquire funds? By participating in Dragon Hunting, collecting the daily activity chests, and other daily events.

Each item comes with a coziness rating, and the more expensive ones obviously are the most cozy. The houses with better cleanliness and coziness rating may apply for daily rating, and the community will grant the best rewards (funds and potions to begin with) to the bigger houses with better ratings. You can check your overall cozy rating in your Home main screen.

You can move your house to a different location of the three available, but you have to spend some gold to do so. You can also sell your house, including the furniture and decoration and you should get your diamonds, gold, and funds back in full.

To end this Dragon Raja Housing System guide, here are some tips to help you improve your home:

  • Always claim your pet gift daily rewards and level up your pet home.
  • Apply for the cleanliness reward daily, as it gives you funds and rewards.
  • Don't go crazy with your funds; try to save a bit for the best items.
  • Visit friends homes, like and give gifts whenever possible (click the News icon), hoping you'll get the same in return.
  • Do as many Events as possible to increase your funds.
  • Check the leaderboard regularly to see where you house coziness stands.

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