Dragon Raja Housing System | Can You Build Your Own House?

Dragon Raja Housing System

Dragon Raja has tons of activities and daily events to keep you entertained, not to mention a gripping storyline that is filled with intrigue and twists. If you add the Superstar and Cuisines careers to the mix, there is so much to see and do that many players surely won’t bother asking if there is a housing system or not. A feature that many take for granted in MMORPGs, it would add another extra layer of detail in a game that is as rich as it can be. Did developer Archosaur Games think about adding a Dragon Raja housing system, or is it something that felt superfluous and out of place in this sci-fi anime MMORPG?

Dragon Raja Housing System | Can You Buy and Decorate a House?

Dragon Raja Housing System

The short answer for that is yes, you can get a plot of land and build your own house in Dragon Raja. But the bad news is that the housing system isn’t available from the start with the official global launch, which took place in February 2020. However, the China version published by Tencent in 2019 already welcomed the housing feature, with many players getting their own mansion and inviting friends for house parties. As of May 7, 2020, Dragon Raja global players welcomed the housing system as well.

The Dragon Raja housing system is akin to the mechanics from The Sims games. The first step is having a certificate, which is likely to cost quite a bit of money, but by the time that you reach level 70 you probably have tons of gold and diamonds in your account. Apparently, you're not forced to build your house from scratch, since your can pick a house template to be installed on your land plot, but the area is fairly large, with much room for experiments and expanding on your house.

You have many floors and wallpaper to choose from, some of them free of charge, but the furniture ranges from cheap to absurdly expensive. Once again, if you have saved your gold, you should be able to furnish your house with everything that you need, ranging from tables to sofas, cabinets, appliances, beds, and much more.

Watch the video below to get a feel for the Dragon Raja housing system before the global version gets this feature later this year via an update.

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