Dragon Raja Meow’s Adventure Anecdote Guide | Full Gold Tale Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Meow's Adventure Anecdote Guide

A broken marriage and a cat are the centerpieces of the Meow's Adventure gold anecdote, the latest tale in Dragon Raja. Available for server level 95 and above, there's an unusual requirement for this one: you must have previously completed the Chrysanthemum tale, because one of the NPCs is an old acquaintance from that adventure and will mention you helping Miss Kikue Ichinose. The other requirement to trigger this gold tale is to be in the right place at the right time: 4 PM (Europe) or 4 AM (North America / SEA) with sunny weather. Without further ado, let's start with the Dragon Raja Meow's Adventure anecdote guide.

Dragon Raja Meow's Adventure Anecdote Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja Meow's Adventure Anecdote Guide

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Someone seems to place a letter and a cat on the steps in front of the Chizuru Shrine…

Go to Chizuru and stay in front of the shrine. If the time and weather requirements are just right, you’ll see a sad and lonely cat standing there (112,188). Interact with it and then you’ll see Officer Kobayashi arrive, talk to her. Officer Terao, an old acquaintance from the Chrysanthemum tale, will join the conversation, so keep talking and then use all the available options in any order: missing case, the shrine, and letter and cat.

You should get a video call from Assistant Kato, and you must talk to Officer Terao right after. Interact with the book on the floor to read the case file, and then you have to go to your mission list and choose [O] Tap to complete: Incoming Call. Talk to Officer Terao once more and then open your inventory. Find the Missing Person item and use it to read its contents, detailing Sakiko Yoshioka’s disappearance and the five million Yen reward for whoever finds her. Share your amazement with Officer Terao and then wait 30 minutes, as the mission prompt says: [O] Mr. Yoshioka will come in half an hour.

Talk to Mr. Yoshioka as soon as he arrives and pick up the letter from the ground nearby (114,189). Get the conversation rolling by speaking to Officer Kobayashi, then interact with the hand icon to record the letter text. Give the letter to Mr. Yoshioka and he’ll leave. Back to Officer Kobayashi and after that heated conversation, Officer Terao will leave and return in a matter of seconds. Talk to him and the drum minigame will start, complete it.

Interact with the icon on the floor (115,190) and you’ll read a few text messages exchanged between the Yoshioka couple. Speak to Officer Terao and he’ll ask you to check the Asakusa Temple in Tokyo, so off we go.

Head over to Tokyo, more specifically one location on Asakusa Temple where Assistant Kato is waiting (160,344). Talk to him and confirm that you have the phone number by replying 2367899 (it was in the missing person flyer). Make the text messages flow by selecting the only option available each time, then wait 15 minutes for Mr. Yoshioka’s arrival.

After the 15 minutes there isn’t much to do besides receiving a phone call – check the mission list for the [O] Tap to complete: Incoming Call. It’s Officer Terao asking you to go to Chizuru shrine and learn more about Tsukimi. Now you have to interrogate three persons in a specific order, otherwise the other characters won’t trigger their exclamation mark. Here are their locations: first person (158,211), second person (153,199), third person (114,164). After interrogating the last person, you get a call from Officer Terao, reply to whatever he says and then move on to Hydras.

Dragon Raja Meow Adventure Anecdote Guide

You’ll want to go to a specific location where Mr. Yoshioka and his cat are waiting (307,206). Talk to him and… oh no, the cat, which seems to be called Ragdoll, by the way, is running away, follow it to the next location (334,222). After some more dialogue and a photo, you share your findings with Officer Terao via text message and then move on to the next place, Tokyo.

Once again, you’ll meet Assistant Kato (466,593), near the restaurant where Luminous and Erii shared a very exciting meal, if you can recall. He’ll let you inside Mr. Yoshioka’s house, which is right behind him, so that you can start investigating. When inside, talk to Kato and begin rummaging the place, starting with the television, where you can examine a photograph nearby (17,14). The other important spot is near the beds, a book on the floor that you must read (12,5). You may now interact with Officer Terao and then leave for the Chizuru beach.

The next interaction is time-sensitive: 2 PM – 6 PM for Europe and 2 AM – 6 AM for North America and SEA regions. Weather is also important; it should be sunny. Mr. Yoshioka is sitting on the beach (162,318) with his beloved cat. You may find him there at other times, but without the interaction exclamation mark, so you can’t progress like that. When the conditions are created, keep reading this Dragon Raja Meow's Adventure gold anecdote guide.

When you can interact with Mr. Yoshioka, he asks you to go buy some cat sticks; sure, we’re not investigating the whereabouts of his missing wife or something like that, let’s go run some errands. Wait, so is the cat called Ragdoll or Jujube? Well, doesn’t matter.

Still in Chizuru, find the cat stick merchant (215,213) and purchase the item (change to Sundries/Idol and buy one Cat Stick). Return to the beach and deliver the item, and then ask Mr. Yoshioka a series of questions: about Jujube, investigation progress, signs of depression, about Tsukimi. Keep talking until he asks to take a photo of them, do this by interacting with the hand icon that appears. Say farewell to Mr. Yoshioka for now and receive a comm from Officer Terao.

Now it's time to go to the Ema Board, where Officer Terao is waiting (111,213). Talk to him to start the search, but you must activate your Vision, sometimes known as Third Eye, to see the clues. Near the board (104,212) is a glowing spot, interact with it to find a list of important things, or a wish note. Speak to Officer Terao and he'll send it to investigate the handwriting and time, then wait 15 minutes for the results to come.

As expected, the wish note was written by Mrs. Yoshioka, seven years ago. Talk to Officer Terao and use the world map to board the Luxury Cruise Ship (top of the map). Meet the gang at the bow of the ship (151,30) and talk to Mr. Yoshioka about the wish note and Tsukimi. Now, you must wait for Aurora weather, which could take a long time or not, depending on your luck. When it finally happens, a text cutscene triggers and sets everyone up for disappointment.

From the mission list select [O] Tap to complete: urgent call. It's Officer Kobayashi talking about the white light at the Ema Board. Talk to Officer Terao and quickly return to the Ema Board in Chizuru (112,211). To everyone's surprise, Mrs. Sakiko Yoshioka is right there, but she doesn't remember that much. Suddenly, Mr. Yoshioka is reminded that Jujube the cat isn't with him anymore, and another text cutscene begins.

After a bit of a supernatural twist and a cat gone missing – was it really a cat? -, the couple recovered from their fractured marriage. To end on a high note, Officer Terao texts you with an invitation for a meal at the restaurant in front of the Chizuru Shrine, at 9:00 sharp. Text him back to confirm.

However, timing is a bit random in Dragon Raja, as you surely know by now, so instead of waiting for the 9:00, go to the stand (120,174) as soon as you can – Officer Terao was there for me at 3 PM in-game time (Europe), with cloudy weather. Enjoy your not-so-big meal and end up things with a vision of the Arashi Witch and Jujube. In your mission list, complete the anecdote by choosing [O] Tap to receive: Tap to get anecdote points.

That's the end of this Dragon Raja Meow's Adventure gold anecdote guide. You earn 10 anecdote points and the exclusive title Sleepless Love.

Meow's Adventure – Your help may save a family from falling apart.

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