Dragon Raja Mystery Thief Guide | Full Anecdote Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Mystery Thief Guide

Catching this thief isn't going to be easy. With several time sensitive quests where luck plays a big role, this thief is going to play hard-to-get. Many Dragon Raja tales focus around these seemingly random triggers, but persistence is going to bring this criminal into justice, and the treasure that he stole will be returned to his rightful owner, Anjou. Follow our Dragon Raja Mystery Thief guide to come to the bottom of this Anecdote.

Dragon Raja Mystery Thief Guide

Dragon Raja Mystery Thief Guide Anecdote

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Mystery Thief – Time is dear, pipe is dearer

Here’s another hard to trigger Silver Anecdote, this one called Mystery Thief. It is randomly triggered by sitting on the Principal’s chair in his office, then clicking “Look Around.” If you’re lucky, you’ll see a comm from a thief saying that he is going to take the Principal’s treasure. In-game time plays a crucial role in this anecdote, so try to discover when this triggers for you (it happened to me at 11PM, and other hints lead me to believe the thief was visible for me starting 8PM).

Then, go to the pillars on the left (40,70), turn on vision/second sight and hope for a comm from EVA to show up (once again it could be time sensitive): “Alert! A Mystery Thief broke into the Principal’s office and fled towards the college waterside. We are alerting all students to catch him.”

Go to said waterside in Cassell College (146,123) and remember that you must always activate vision to see the thief, every step of the way. Choose your answer to affect your personality, such as “You should stop doing bad things”, and next he’ll tell you that he likes Cassell College musicians’ performance. This is a hint to go to the basketball court, where Tia is performing (280,460).

Once there, turn on vision and speak with the thief. Say what you wish, and he’ll only disappear once again, sometimes leaving a hint: “Find me at the highest place of Cassell.” Obviously, that is the top floor of the library tower, so fly up there and look for the thief in his new location (126,404), with vision on. If he isn’t there, return another day.

When you find the thief, talk to him and choose your reply. “Destroy you in the name of justice” is a bit extreme, but who are we to judge? This affects your personality traits, so choose your preferred option.

This game of cat and mouse is getting tiring, so travel to the convenience store in Chizuru that the thief mentioned for the final showdown (173,210). Talk to him to discover that all of this was just for the Principal’s stolen pipe, not a ton of money or jewellery.

Return to the Principal’s office and talk to Anjou, choosing the option “Capture quest completed.” Yes, this manhunt for a pipe was indeed over the top, but at least another Silver anecdote is finished.

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