Dragon Raja New Class Fighter Date Officially Revealed

The Dragon Raja new class Fighter date

Are you enjoying the current Dragon Raja class offer? I'm currently having a blast with my Blade Master and I can see many players having fun with their Gunslingers, Soul Dancers, and Assassins. But the Chinese version already has two new classes, the Fighter and Scythe, so we wouldn't mind seeing these in the global release as well – the more the merrier. Apparently, the next class is coming much sooner than expected, roughly a couple of months after the game's release, according to new and official info. The Dragon Raja new class Fighter date was hinted at by the devs while replying to a player.

Dragon Raja New Class Fighter Date Reveal

Dragon Raja New Class Fighter

The dev reply was made on the official Dragon Raja Facebook page on April 3. It said the following:

“The new class will be officially released in a month, and we will also release new gameplay after a month! I can't tell you the specifics yet, so stay tuned!

The recently released Scythe is the sixth class to drop on the Chinese servers, so it's pretty certain that this won't be the new class launching on the global servers. That leaves us with the fifth class, Fighter, which is surely the new Dragon Raja class arriving sometime during May 2020.

The Fighter is a melee class and the brawler of the bunch, using her fists to punch the living daylights out of her foes. She is as good with her feet, kicking and spinning with devastating force. But perhaps the most interesting feature of the Fighter class is the robot companion. This class is able to summon the help of a Titan or even turn into out for a brief moment, unleashing metallic fury onto its enemies.

Further reading into the statement reveals plans to “release new gameplay after a month,” something that isn't entirely clear. Is it after this month, or a month after the release of the new class? As for the meaning of “new gameplay,” this probably translates into another content update similar to the recent Open Shop update.

Dragon Raja New Class Fighter Date Revealed


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