Dragon Raja Open Shop Update Patch Notes | New Career and Content

Dragon Raja Open Shop update

The Dragon Raja Open Shop update is going live today, April 2, 2020. Developer Archosaur Games is shutting down all servers for the planned maintenance, meaning that you won't be able to play the game from 7am to 10am on April 2nd (UTC+0). Obviously, there may be an unexpected delay, but if things go according to plan, this is the estimated downtime. The reopening of the servers is subject to everything being in perfect playable conditions, the devs added, and when the update is complete you should find some rewards in your in-game mailbox. Sounds like a great deal to us.

Dragon Raja Open Shop Update Patch Notes Highlights

Dragon Raja Open Shop Update Career

The highlight of the Dragon Raja Open Shop Update is the introduction of the third career. Initially presented as Store Owner, it is in fact officially called Open Shop. It makes some sense, because your Chef career is in fact called Cuisines, so there's that.

Shop owners are able to open shop, list sales, hire staff (including allies), create your own merchandise and receive diamond dividends for daily sales. You can also invite your friends to see your shop with their own eyes. You have the option to freeze one of your other careers (the first one unlocks at level 40) to pick a new one, but this costs some in-game gold.

As for other additional content, there's a new level 90 dungeon called Code: Gods, with normal and hard options. There's also a honor difficulty challenge option available for other rewards.

Dragon Raja Open Shop Update Full Patch Notes

Below you'll find the complete Dragon Raja Open Shop update patch notes. Give it a read to know what kind of new features and optimization you're going to find when you log in after the update.

Contents For New Game Version

1. Ladder of Honor is available. 7-player team is available for Cross-Server PVP, time to find out who is the king!
Team Assembly! Ladder of Honor is available for all lv.70 and above servers. And all lv.70 or above players in these servers can join the Ladder of Honor in “Event” – “Timed” – “Ladder of Honor”. Create your own squad, invite your friends and win your glory. One squad can have at most 7 members.
Ultimate Showdown! The first season of Ladder of Honor Competition will be officially launched on April 2nd, 2020. It's time to rally your team and fight for the honor of Cross-Server Ladder!

2. New Career: “Open Shop” is available!
You can now run your very own shop and be the No. 1 shop owner in the world of Dragon Raja! Every player who has reached Lv. 40 can now activate a whole new career and gain their very own shop! The shop owner may manage the shop through actions like opening, making, listing for sales, hiring staff. They will also receive Diamond Dividends based on the sales upon the settlement daily! The shop owner can also create merchandise through photography, sculpture, and spray painting, and they can list their own works in their own shop for sale! Invite your friends to check out your shop now. The shop will not only accumulate Popularity Points, your friends will also receive EXP and rare items. The top three shops with the highest Popularity on the leaderboard will receive Exclusive Title in the server!
Meanwhile, Career Freezing feature is available too! You wish to experience new career but you can't activate more new careers? That's alright. You can now freeze other careers to activate new career. Freezing career will cost your golds. The frozen career can be re-activated after 7 days. Be noted of that when you are freezing your career!

3. New version of Club Contests – “Land of Conquest” is here!
The Club Contest on every Tuesday is replaced by Land of Conquer Conquest. There are 5 new sub battlefields like earth, fire, water, wind, and psychic. There are also Battlefield Guardian Elemental Spirit Boss and other entities, bringing you a whole new Club Contest experience!

4.New lv.90 Dungeon – Code: Gods.
When the nightmare and reality were reconnected, the terrifying kingdom dominated by Odin opened the door to the world! Players of level 90 and above can team up to challenge it through NPC Atticus. You can get high-quality gear, lost whisper, PVE Emblem II and clearance rewards by challenging Code: Gods dungeon. For Code: Gods normal and Code: Gods hard, each player can receive 2 times of rewards each week, and there will be one extra reward chance on weekend.

5.Code: Gods Honor Difficulty challenge!
The clearance rewards for Honor Difficulty I, II, III, IV, V include Permanent Attribute Title, Evolution Stone X, high level Destiny Core, and Enhancement Materials. Each difficulty only grants once. Honor Difficulty has no weekly clearance reward or the drop rewards in the dungeon. Players who first clear stage or perfect clear stage in Code: Gods challenge V, Code: Gods Honor Difficulty IV and Code: Gods Honor Difficulty V will receive a permanent title. The top three team in the server leaderboard will be broadcasted throughout the server for their honors.

6. Gem Exchange feature is officially available!
You may now perform Gem Exchange from Shinkid at Cassell College. Each exchange can turn a Gem of any level into Gem of the same level with other attributes. Each exchange will cost 50 diamonds.

7. New Gear Emblem System is available!
Gear Emblem is only generated from daily event. The generated Emblem can be mounted on the gear slot, which will greatly improve random attributes of the gear! The players at Lv. 75 or higher can gain Gear Emblem from Daily Activity Rewards, Devil Awake, Dragon Hunting, Irritated Blood, Undersea Massacre, Holiday Dungeon and other events~ Hurry up and gather more to mount and boost yourself!
Emblem System is similar to Talent Refinement Device System, every level phrase provides daily activity feature. Available at Lv. 75, every 10 level is one phrase. The current version provides Emblem at phrase up to Lv. 95.

Dragon Raja Open Shop Career

8. Limited Light Pet – Yalda II inbound!
The fetal movement of mysterious dragons is discovered from the challenge at Code: Gods? Hurry up and follow the guidance of EVA, and seek the source of fetal movement! Complete serial quest – Breath of Drakling to gain ample rewards from EVA, you can also gain Limited Light Pet – Yalda II!

9. Lv. 95 Cute Mannequin Pet – Chiyome is available!
Chiyome can be acquired from Claw Machine by using Pet Token Q to catch! The players who reach Lv. 95 can now bring the tsundere and cute Chiyome out for a walk or fight!

10. Lv. 90 World Event – Beach Crisis is available!
For server that has reached Lv. 85, at 11:30, 15:30, 19:30, and 23:30 daily, the ancient heart of Leviathan will bring in behemoths to invade the beach of Ehime. Elites of Cassell College, it's time for you to support them and repel the behemoths! The players at Lv. 85 or higher who join Beach Crisis World Event will receive high quality gear (1 time per week), Leviathan Exchange Coupon (14 times per week). The Leviathan Exchange Coupon can be used at Night Owl Squad – Skyripper of Ehime Prefecture to exchange for Permanent Ear Accessory, Permanent Avatar Frame, Moments Pendant, Permanent Attribute Titles and other items.

11. Club Action Team System is officially available for the convenience of club command!
Club Leader and Battle Leader can now assign the Action Team Leader and team members of each team. The Action Team Leader can also invite other club members to join their own action team. For more details, please refer to Club – Member – Action Team Page.

12. New Club Identity “Gardener” is available!
The garden guardians of each club will provide a great living environment in the Club Base! Each gardener assigned by Club Leader will be able to cultivate beautiful flowers to decorate the Club Base!

13. Ace of Speed Event inbound! Public Competition awaits you!
During 13:30 – 22:39 on every Saturday and Sunday, Ace of Speed is available for matching for 10 minutes each hour. The players who reach Lv. 30 can go to Highway 95 to talk with Takumi Fujiwara to take part in the event. Rare Motor Refit item and ample Gold and EXP are available upon joining! Prepare for the challenges from various racers!

Contents For Event Update

Store Owner Update Third Career

1. Faerie Box inbound!
From the update to 00:00, April 22nd (Server Time), “Spirit Source Box” will be available in Mall. From the Spirit Source Box, you have chance to get new Outfit Clothes, May Night – Hair, Attribute Avatar, Attribute Avatar Frame, Chatting Bubble and other limited rewards. There are also Evolution Stone Chest, Gem Pack, Special Enhance Set and more valuable gifts out there awaiting you!

2. New Bonus added.
When your weekly activity accumulates to a certain level, you can claim valuable bonus! Tap on “Bonus” and read “Weekly Activity” page for more details.

3. New fashion Evil Pact set, multiple exquisite face accessory, ear accessory and other new cosmetic items added in Mall. Be the hottest person in Dragon Raja!

4. Rename Card System is online!
Rename card can be found in Mall. You can now use it to rename yourself. We appreciate the unique you in this world!
5. Gacha Prize Updated!
New Motor – Crownless King has replaced the original prize Motor – Nidhogg's Fury. Crafting Motor – Crownless King can now unlock Golden Draconic – Godly King!

6. “Moonlight Activity” event is available glamorously! Permanent cute accessories await!
From the update to 00:00, April 22nd (Server Time), you can now sign in daily to claim daily gift through Holiday page! Including Permanent Chat Bubbles, Evolution Stone, Gem, and other valuable gifts!
During the event period, if your daily Activity reaches 20 points, you can also claim Exchange Item “Moonlight Shadow” additionally. Gathering enough “Moonlight Shadow” will allow you to exchange them for Permanent Head Accessory – “Sunny Boy”, Evolution Stone Pack, Enhance Pack and other rare and precious items!

7.Cute Justice event available.
From the update to 00:00, April 15th (Server Time), players with lv.25 and above can join the event through Holiday page, and take the task from Susie in Chizuru. You can get lots of EXP, gold and Cute Draw after completing the task. From Cute Draw, you have chance to get rare items like Amethyst Potion, Paint Can and Paint Card.

8.“Landmark Pick” event is available!
Now that everyone is keen on opening their own shop, a good shop location and fine commercial environment is very important. It's time to follow our agents to perform some marketing research!
From the update to 00:00, April 15th (Server Time), the player can seek Fujii of Ehime to accept the quest. After completing location patrol, the player can gain ample EXP, Gold, Claw Machine Coin x1, and Opening Giftbox! Unlocking Opening Giftbox has a chance to gain Random Lv. 8 Elemental Gem, Paint Can, Special Nutrients and other rare items!

9.“Start a Business” event is available!
Being friendly and nice is the key of opening up your shop! It's time for you to go tell everyone in the neighborhood for the good luck of opening! From the update to 0:00, April 22nd (Server Time), players can start collecting the four letters. After collecting all four letters, players can use them to exchange ample Exp, Gold, and Opening Giftbox from Nadia of Cassell College through Holiday page! The four letters can be acquired through participating in Dragon Hunting, Ace Trip and Landmark Pick event!

Game Optimization and Bug Fixes

Dragon Raja Open Shop Update Career

1. Daily Unburden Optimization:
The questions amount of “Salon of Wisdom” and “The Brain” event are adjusted to be 5 questions after Lv. 80. The overall rewards of the event still remain the same!
The waiting time of each wave of monsters in Dragon Hunting has been reduced.
Crazy Adventure Optimization: The spinning speed of the Dice and the speed of Avatar Hopscotch are greatly boosted.
Career Feature Optimization: The time required to complete daily career in Cuisines and Superstar is reduced by half, the rewards remain the same.

2. Daily Activity Chest Rewards are optimized.

3. The accessory and other cosmetics exchanged from World Event can now return the same amount of exchanging items upon selling.

4. Fixed Bug: After Thunderstorm Motor is evolved to SSS, Spray paint has no stats bonus. The players who have completed the spray will receive the spray paint stats they should have after signing in again.

5. Fixed Bugs: After Nebula Love Set are all equipped, there is no set stats bonus. The players who have equipped the set already will receive the related set bonus they should have after signing in again.

6. Several Localization expressions are optimized.

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