Dragon Raja Outfit Unlock | Get Wings of Loki and Dreamy Rondo Costumes

Dragon Raja outfit unlock Wings of Loki Dreamy Rondo Blade Master

Dragon Raja is one of the most beautiful MMORPGs ever made, quite a feat for a game that was only released on Android and iOS. If you’re wondering how to play Dragon Raja on PC, we have got you covered, and this is undoubtedly the best way to experience the stunning graphics. Besides exploring the wonderful areas, each one of the classes gets to use some nifty outfits that aren’t that easy to earn. You can get a few of them by progressing in the main story, but most of them are locked behind some significant requirements, which either take some time to achieve or aren’t as obvious as they could be. Still, if you’re looking to expand on your outfit collection and searching for a Dragon Raja outfit unlock guide, we have some tips on how to get new costumes.

Dragon Raja Outfit Unlock | Easily Get Wings of Loki and Dreamy Rondo Outfits

Dragon Raja outfit unlock Wings of Loki Dreamy Rondo

While this outfit guide may serve for other classes as well, we’re using the Blade Master class for reference here. First and foremost, go to the Wardrobe and check the two costumes with the names Wings of Loki and Dreamy Rondo. Pretty cool, aren’t they? Notice the unlock conditions: unlock by equipping level 60 or higher epic clothes.

So, this means that you can unlock them only after reaching level 60. This isn’t an extremely time-consuming task, because Dragon Raja isn’t an excessive grind and offers tons of fun daily activities for you to get that nice EXP boost. When you reach level 60, you probably have a few diamonds in your account, hopefully over 1,000 – it’s not that hard to save up on diamonds, so make sure that you don’t throw them all away on unimportant things.

The next step is to click on the Mall option and then the Store. Find the Exotic Gear tab and pick Clothes. See the diamond asking prices and pick the lower one, completing your purchase. You should find the costume in your inventory, so go over there and appraise it, subsequently equipping the two outfits that appear. Now these will be unlocked and available in the wardrobe, for your enjoyment and beauty stat increase.

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